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Guest-post: Mia`s Top 3 Healthy Recipes (Fresh Smoothies & Yummy Pancakes)

Hello, Mia here! The original blog host's friend and a tremendous sleep lover.  As asked from Kawtar, and you cannot imagine how honoured and delighted I feel about this, I am today sharing with you bits of my new addiction: healthy cooking/eating.

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Dates & Spices Teacake For Suhour Boost!!

Who doesn`t like a sweetness to snack on during the Ramadane nights and especially something that will give you strength and energy during the fasting day. 

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2 Easy Recipes For College & Summer Trips.

For the Ramadane Introductury post I asked you guys to fill up the following form and suggest me what you want to see.

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My Bechamel And Soya Sauce Mushroom Pasta

An easy to make creamy and tasty bechamel sauce revisited with some soya sauce and mustard.

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How To Be A Good Cook.

 First things first, wear your pair of jeans, your favorite t-shirt, some Back To Black in the background and let`s create some chaos in the kitchen!!

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Vietnamese Salad Recipe.

     Lately I`ve been a lot into salads, discovering and trying different ones and this one is my current favourite, it`s soo fresh with a tropical touch and a savory mix of veggies and fruits PLUS it`s easy to make and can stand alone as a lunch or a dinner because it is rich and nutritious. 

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Health Journey #4 : 15 Healthy Eating Habits.
Do more of what makes you happy!!