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Writing My Life Manifesto


I found that sometimes we get so caught up in the details of everyday life that we forget the bigger picture, what do we stand for, what lessons is life trying to teach us and what does that tell us about where we want to go. 

After a mental breakdown last week, and after spending the last couple of months caught up in the details of time management and socializing and life balance and all that, I made a stopping point, an "I need a reset button" kind of moment. 

And on a peaceful early Monday morning, I decided to write my life manifesto. Meaning, the big guidelines, lessons and principles I want to implement in my life and live accordingly with. 

#1. Connected to everything. Attached to nothing but Allah. 

#2. Giving each thing my 100%. (check my Instagram post about this);

#3. Show Gratitude by leveraging current resources. (Instagram Post)

#4. Always be improving existing skills. Defy the plateau. 

#5. Integrity demands that you stay honest with yourself. Always. No matter how ugly and scary that truth is. 

#6. Giving to others is more rewarding than taking. Give cookies. Be there. 

#7. Own your bruises. Own your choices. Own your lifestyle. Own your history. Own and assume. 

#8. Always leave space for improvisation and spontaneity. Play. 

#9. If you don't like the rules, don't complain. Break them and make your own. 

#10. When attacked by negativity, seek positive sources to balance it out. 

#11. Living bigger than yourself doesn't have to be fancy and complicated. It could simply be being in Service. Of any form.
#12. Things that soothe the soul: Praying, Reading, Loving. 

#13. Thinking good of Allah should be an incentive for doing good, doing better, not for indulging in the bad. 

#14 You become what you expose yourself to, so be picky. 


               Of course, this list is open to additions and I highly recommend you make yours and let it guide you and help you make decisions on the spot, on the go. 

 I would love for you to share with me your life manifestos ^.^ 

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