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Womanhood as a relationship.


Everyone's talking about women today so I wanna talk about women too.yay.

There’s more I’d like to say about women than an Instagram caption would hold but I’ll just keep it to a little shift I had recently regarding women. 
Before this year, I used to have this standard of what a strong and inspiring woman that I should look up to looks like: a strong presence in the room, a straight posture, an eloquence of speech, a sense of humor, and the mindset of a leader not that of a victim, almost flawless, almost effortless. 
And I have met a few women who checked off this list only to realize later that they weren’t as flawless & effortless as I thought they were, that they make their own mistakes and have their own life circumstances that are different than mine. 
And I also met women who weren’t as charismatic and successful but who still had strong little gems in them that took me by surprise and inspired the hell out of me. 
I think my point here is: there isn’t one ideal body shape, or one ideal mindset, or one ideal soul state, or one ideal personality type that all women should strive for. Each one of us has the freedom to set her own standards according to her principles and her life circumstances and her personality and not according to some one-size fit-all standard that men or other women have set. 
I believe that if womanhood is to become a healthy relationship, it needs to first stop being a competition. I believe that a relationship is NOT a competition, it is an outlet where you come as you are, talk about where you come from and where you’re going without the threat of being mocked or judged. 
It is where your existence is valued, your struggle honored, your dreams supported and your little strong gems celebrated. 
It’s 2018, can we stop the idealization of women’s bodies and minds already and instead focus on nurturing each other’s strong points and understanding where our lower points come from? already? please?
Now go and compliment your girls, go buy them little surprise gifts, give them pep talks when they need them, don't let them be too hard on themselves, go let them know that you're here, that you care and that you like them for them.