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Theme Of The Year (2018)


My January Digital Detox is over and I chose my theme for this year! 

        Last year I set the intention to make it a year of Learning and I ended up doing a totally different type of learning than what I had first intended to do but I still hit the point! 

     I intented to stretch out my skillset career wise but I ended up expanding my skillset life and emotion wise. 

       And one of the skills I learned was facing my fears and not giving up on my soul's needs just because I'm afraid the world will disapprove of them.

     I had to go through some daunting exercices to aquire this skill but when I finally did, I started to feel alive again and was able to relit the candle of light that my fears and demons blew off at the beginning of last year. 

(I know I'm being absurd just stick with me) 

     Soo this year, I wanna make it about


      Daring to face truths I’m ashamed of, daring to voice out things I always kept inside, daring to do old things in new ways and daring to try new occupations I always contemplated doing but never dared to. 

I hope you will notice that in my future posts as well as I will gather my courage and write about parts of me and parts of the society that are not that pleasing to talk about.

    In short, I want to spit truths on your faces and dust off parts of you that you’ve silenced and hopefully, ideally, make you contemplate a topic enough to act on it even in little ways. 
Ugh anyway, we will discuss the details as the year unfolds. 

    Other than that, I will try to get back to being the diverse and passionate blogger I once was and offer you a rich variety of content that will hopefully please your eyes and hearts and minds and souls ALTOGETHER! 

        Before I head back to creating, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the peeps that stick with me when the quality of my posts diminished or got too darked, I'm in a much brighter place now hamdullah and my mind is set to pay you back and do better! 


Here's what to expect on the blog this year:

  • 1 to 2 official articles per week! The first will be a rather long and structured one (around 1000 words) and the second will be a short lifestyle quickie (think cooking, style or random thoughts) 
  • The topics will be very diversified with a slight focus on mental health and wellbeing! 
  • I also write very random short texts for Instagram so I'll probably share those too on random occasions! 
  • Things other than articles!! stay tuned ;)