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My Top 3 Podcats of the moment (+ bonus ones)

      I started listening to Podcasts about 6 months now and I never looked back. They’re just… great company and they make you feel productive and motivated and get you in the fully living, fully working moods. 

       I love listening to people’s stories and deep conversations and that’s what Podcasts offer me so I take that, while cooking or doing the dishes or working out, it keeps me great company to get through those activities. 

So here are the top 3 podcasts that I found myself going back to more frequently than I do others. 


       This one feels like therapy, the amount of wisdom, peacefulness, and depth you get out of it are impressive and stay with you days later! 

I feel like Krista is on a mission to curate the wisest people on Earth who are defending the deepest and most relevant causes humanity is facing and give us a taste of that through an insightful conversation. 

The conversations are less focused on everyday life and more on the bigger picture, the bigger vision, and meanings behind what we choose to do of our days. 

       My 2 favorite episodes from it (and there are certainly more that I enjoyed but these are the ones I remember right now):

     #2 Unmistakable creative.

Ugh, I’ve been listening to this quite a LOT lately. 

I LOVE how Siri focuses on the mindset shifts that his guest had to do to become who they are and how he pushes them to give him the details of how it clicked for them to pursue what they wanted and get to where they are. 

Most conversations go through a chronological line from the guest’s childhood to where they are now, so we get a look inside career choices and how it affected and or served their vision and how it challenged their principles and what they grew up believing. 

      It is also focused on actionable steps and everyday shifts that helped the guest throughout the course of their lives. 
I also love how humble Siri is and how vulnerable he gets sometimes in order to make the host get into the details of a particular step they took or a change they made. 

MY FAAAVE Episode: 

#3 The James Altucher Show

" this isn't your average business podcast and he is not your average host, this is the James Altucher show on the Choose yourself network. " 

I know this by heart because it is the opening line for every episode.

The podcast is indeed business focused. More than once, it happened that I lose focus on the episode because they get too technical.  

    It’s not their fault, my business culture is quite poor (but don’t worry, I’m taking edX courses to become less of an illiterate in the industry). 

James being the straightforward, honest and humble guy he is, he sets the tone of the conversation to friendly, spontaneous -yet rich and informative. 

So it sounds like 2 buddies discussing their business moves in an event over some drinks and including life stuff on every now and then like kids and parenting, marriage and divorce, or leisure and hobbies. 

As I said, it is quite informative and can help trigger your entrepreneurial spirit and give you a realistic idea about what is out there while teaching you how to balance that with everyday life stuff. 

In short, I feel like a responsible adult when I listen to it, let’s put it that way! 

      These 3 are my TOP, I anticipate all their episodes, they post consistently, the hosts are fully engaged in the conversation and they sound like actual learners that are thirsty for what the guest is saying. So they don’t act like a mere intermediator between their guest and their audience….do you know what I mean? 

These bonus ones I only listen to from time to time when the title is really catchy and relevant to me and I have to check the description of the episode to really see if they’re worth listening to. 


#I do

       This is a relationship focused podcast hosted by a married couple and they pick some good and important topics, but I don’t know if it’s just me but I often find myself bored during the conversation even if the topic interests me and is something I wanna know about. 





#The Daily Peach. 

     Sarah is definitely someone I would add to my social circle lol. She’s a well-informed, talented and interesting millennial and « geek ». In her daily podcast (to which I don’t listen every day) is a variety of niches but mostly focused on tech and entertainment. 

     It’s a good listen to stay updated with everything happening on the internet and the entertainment world, all the advances in tech and the shifts happening on social media. 




#The Sleeping at Last Podcast. 

    If you wanna know how a song has been written from the music composition to the well-thought lyrics, then listen to this. 
I discovered Sleeping at Last years ago and fell in love with the songwriting and how thoughtful, passionate and beautiful it is so this podcast comes like a treat for both songwriters and writers and poets as well. 



Tell me, what are you listening to?! 

Have productive listening y'all!