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 With an emphasis on emotions, mental health, the beauty of nature and the little habits that make a life, RandomlyKawtar captures in words and photographs what it is to live, to grow, to believe and to love.

The Essence of a Career.

  I love to write, I love to design, I (soon) have a Bachelor in Quran Studies and I love to observe people. None of these constitutes my Career. All of it constitutes my Career. 

    We tend to consider all these industries, degrees and disciplines from Medicine to architecture to coaching as the main component of our Career when they are rather tools by which we serve what I like to call the Essence of a Career. 

The Essence is basically the main element of life that piques your curiosity like nothing else and one you would spend unlimited time observing, analyzing and perhaps longing to make a change in. 

       The degrees, subjects and learning materials are the tools that serve that essence, they're what we approach the essence with and they're not the essence itself. 

       The Essence of a Career could be something like human suffering (mentally or physically or spiritually or financially… ), it could be mother nature or a specific aspect of it like minerals or animals, it could be mortality or the meaning of life, it could be movement, how it can be tracked or how to manufacture it or it could be intelligence, how to elevate it or how to create it altogether ... you name it. 

       But in large, it is the facet of life, abstract or concrete, that you have the most questions about and whom problems you are the most willing to solve and eradicate. 

       After you find it, and it is usually an interest that occupies the mind from tender ages and one we find ourselves going back to almost unconsciously, one ought to investigate the tools with which it is possible for him to pursue that essence.  

You will generally find a wide variety of choices, not all of them will seem appealing or useful enough, cherry pick one to start with and devote yourself to it while keeping your Essence in mind to not lose focus.
 Then start adding and switching tools according to the needs of your essence and work on combining all the tools to get closer and closer to your goal which is grasping that Essence. 

        And watch as the learning, researching and practicing process transforms you and expands your wings more open each day making you more empowered and more credible to talk about that Essence and cause in it the change you always wanted to create as you now possess the means and prowess to do that! 

        In the book When Breath Becomes Air, Paul KALANITHI's Essence was the line between life and death and what makes human's life meaningful. 

        At first, he considered Literature and philosophy as the tools to approach that essence and while pursuing that, he discovered Neurosurgery and fell in love with it as he constated that it threatens the loss or spoiling of one's identity and therefore reshaping the meaningfulness of their life. 

       So he decided to change his tool and get into med school and become a Neurosurgeon to get closer to that very line between life and death, between a meaningful life and identity.

And he did get to that with being flexible with the tools and staying faithful to the Essence.