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Is Your Learning Transforming You?

Learning is about transformation, it’s about a change that happens in you and makes you a different person with different habits and a different mentality.

So when deciding what to learn, it’s less about “do I have what it takes to learn this” and more about “do I want to change in this or that way? Is that the transformation I want to see happening to my being? ”.

After deciding, one ought to have the courage to go through that transformation and that’s the tricky part.

Most people give up as soon as they start seeing a change in themselves in fear they will lose the mold they got so comfortable in and one that has been holding them back indeed.

The love for learning and your passion about the subject ought to be bigger than your fear but you should also believe that that transformation is for the better, that it will open for you new doors in the world and make you a bigger and more confident person…

…. and this state my friend is always a better option than being stuck and stressed out by what ifs and a longing to master the subject you’re passionate about.

So deep learning or apprenticeship is not just a layer you add on top of everything you are, that’s a shallow state of learning and living, but rather it’s a turning point of everything you were.

Ask yourself, is what I’ve been learning reflected in me, in the way I talk, in the way I handle myself, in the way I think and see life and deal with it.

Whatever it is you are learning, a clear embodiment of it in your life is the proof that it is deeply and heavily rooted in you.

It’s just like exercising, if you’re consistent and disciplined with it and you don’t cheat or take long breaks, then it will transform your body, it will shape it in ways you never knew possible, it will take it from a lousy state to a firm, confident and strong state…and what is there to be afraid of?

What taste is there to a life where you don’t put effort in growing the seeds you have with the tools you’ve been given?

God is Al Quayyum (The Subsisting, The Guardian) and Al Murabbi (The Nurturer) , He takes cares of and He grows us from one state to a better state, whether physically, emotionally or intellectually. But only if we put in the work and show Him that we are ready for change, ready for growth and ready to do good with what we’re learning, will He make us jump straddles ahead of where we are!

Set the intention, put in the discipline, be consistent and keep on learning with the goal of mastery that will eventually lead to a transformation of everything you are in ways you never knew possible but ones that remain exciting and positive!!

Dive fully in that you don’t come out of it the same.

( so as you all know, I love learning and I’m a multi-passionate so I have a lot on my plate to learn! So would you be interested in a weekly series where I report all my learning progress and transformations? Guess it’ll also be a great accountability tool for me. Let me know what do you think! )

Keep Learning Bees!