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How Inspiration Works ... kind of.

       It’s been almost 3 years since I started this blog one week after I thought about it, and since then I went through all stages of creativity and writing blocks and finding a niche. 

The biggest thing I struggled with though was consistency which more often comes from a lack of inspiration rather than laziness (that too though!). 

      The lack of inspiration was either due to a calm and stable routine or due to a loss of vision and purpose of what role I want this blog to play in the reader’s mind. 

Do I wanna remind, add a new idea, change perspectives, spread positivity, teach something or what? 

      And in the quest for an answer I often myself putting pressure on myself to only choose one of them and stick to it, and so whenever I would get an idea for an article I would give it up if it doesn’t serve that particular and narrow purpose when in fact I wanna do it all.

     I don’t want to stay stuck to one niche, one purpose, one path for this blog to go down on. I wanted this blog to be a fearless, colorful and diverse place free of overthinking and overplanning. Spontaneous and imperfect, that’s it!

     Now back to the first reason behind the lack of inspiration (the second being loss of purpose), my life is pretty stable at the moment and the biggest thing I’ve been living lately is quite personal to be discussed here yet so what I’ve been doing lately is try and consume as much as I can -conscious consuming that is- while taking notes and reflecting on the material. 

   Here’s a list of what I consumed and LOVED lately:

      They're all rich and super inspiring content that leave you with a positive and healthy energy to go on with your day instead of making you lazy or inactive! 


The second thing that inspires me is my social life -as narrow as it is- as most of my article ideas and content creating come from interesting conversations with people either on something they struggle with or some amazing thing they did or some of their goals. It always creates a spark in me that says: ‘you gotta write about that, express your opinion on this or share this inspiring project on the blog!’ .


        The last thing I’ve been doing lately to grasp ideas is taking notes instead of counting on my head to remember that. I got this notebook from the Papergang June box and whenever a new idea or I remember an old one, I would take note of it with as little words as possible so that I can go back to it later and elaborate it. 

So for this summer, for instance, I wanted to focus on Lifestyle posts like routines and health and productivity but that wouldn't keep me from writing a deep reflective article along the way if I want to and if I judge necessary! 

             And that’s all I got to say about inspiration for now I guess! If you have anything to add, please enlighten me. 

What's your favourite length of articles?

Stay Inspired and Inspire others folks!