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How to align your productivity with your vision of life.

      We might see it an early age or later on in life, it might comprehend more than one road as it can be focused on one single industry, we may plan for it or we may stumble upon it accidentally ... but each one of us has a set of goals, principles and priorities that we call a vision of life: how in our wildest dreams do we want to live day by day? 

        Personally, I struggled a lot to see mine as clearly as I see it now.

It was only after going through episodes of indecisiveness, instability, trial and error, doubts that I saw what and how do I want to contribute to the world.

       I won’t get into the details of that now as I want this article to focus on how I’m trying to align that vision with my day to day productivity so that I can actually execute it instead of letting it catch dust at the back of my mind while I’m leading a pathetic life. 

Disclaimer: this is not an article on how to find your vision but rather how to start bringing it to life and living by it. 
( For insights on finding your vision, I highly recommend reading ‘Mastery’ by Robert Greene.)

Also, not long ago I wrote a little ode to daydreaming and visualising here

1. Categorising: 

       You all know how I’m all about lists as I find them extremely practical in keeping your head clear and focused. 


      So first you’d like to write a list of everything you wanna do in life, the pastry shop you wanna open in 10 years, the agenda you wanna design this summer, the workout plan you wanna follow…. really everything.

      Then think about your vision and skim through that list eliminating every item that doesn’t align with it in any way. ( Sometimes you hold on to some dreams just because they’ll make someone you know proud of you or because 6 years old you held on to it for one month straight … if it’s not in line with your vision, cut it away) 


the second thing you wanna do is put this item lists in categories, the fewer categories you have the better.

       Personally, this is how I like to categorise it all: 

  1.  Vision: this one's directly linked to your vision which is is the message(s) you want to communicate with the world.   Is it kindness, faith, business and wealth, self-awareness, health, eradicating poverty … (and again this doesn’t necessarily have to be one thing and one thing only).
What’s the thing you wish people would focus on more to solve their problems and alleviate their pain?

     2.    Tools or the Mediums by which you intend to communicate that or those messages: this would include writing or coding or drawing or graphic design or engineering or a mix of 2 or more. 


       3. Resources: and those are the endless blessings you have around you that you need to invest in and take care of so that they help you reach your full potential in executing your vision. This includes your health, wealth, family and loved ones, spiritual life ...


    4. Expanding yourself with new experiences and trying new things, whether that’s reading books unrelated to your main activities or going on a weekend getaway every once in a while, I think it’s important to leave a little part of your life unplanned and unexpected to add some spice to it! 

And in each category, you’ll have both learning and creating activities that you’ll want to keep alternating. 

2. Dividing your time

         Sometimes all this seems like a lot to handle and juggle but remember that the 24 hours you have are the same as everyone else’s so a good management of it is all you need.


     So according to those categories, divide your day into blocks of time for each category depending on the priority you give each one. 


       While doing this, try to eliminate again what seems unnecessary or irrelevant at the present time, the less the better ;) 

3. Tracking & the Daily Report.

     Now, this is something I recently started doing and loving. 

          As I don’t have enough patience and tact to have a proper bullet journal, I created my minimalistic and boring version of it lol but it’s working pretty well so WHO CARES ABOUT HOW IT LOOKS! 

Each month I would have the following logs in it:

  •  monthly goals (pick from that list we made at the beginning and the less the better!) ;
  • expenses & shopping list; (I seriously watch my spending more now because of this! ) 
  • daily and weekly to-do lists;
  • productivity hacks and mistakes I learned from the month before ( like don’t try to write in the middle of the day, it’ll be rubbish, writing is a night activity for you) 
  • the daily report; 

         The daily report have been the most practical of all, it’s basically the list of things/habits I wanna do every single day no matter what day of the week or of the year it is and every day I either report whether I did it or not or I rate how I did it depending on the habit.

4. Journaling. 

        I already wrote a post about keeping a diary before but recently I found myself doing a more productivity oriented type of journaling. 

  • I would write about my mood and how it affected my performance,
  • I would write about whether what I’ve been doing lately, on a dialy basis, is serving and contributing to my vision and my bigger picture,
  • If not, what are the switches I can do to make it so? 

I recommend doing this journaling exercise frequently and consistently to keep your focus sharp and active, at least once a week if not every morning or night! 

Productivity tips Infographic: 






























And that's it, I hope you find some inspiration in this and I would love to know the methods you use to not waste time in activities non synchronised with what you want your life to look like!