Randomly Kawtar

 With an emphasis on emotions, mental health, the beauty of nature and the little habits that make a life, RandomlyKawtar captures in words and photographs what it is to live, to grow, to believe and to love.

Manufacturer of Warmth . . . | a poem.

Stone cold I ceased to be
Warmth is born in me
And alive I keep it
With an embrace to the lonely
A smile to the devil
A talk and a story.
Raw and renewed
Awake and clued
It expands my ribs
Putting an end to the shrinking
Once caused by despair
And now that warmth is winning
It reaches my wings and I bathe in an air
So void it makes me rich
So needy it makes me giving
So tricky it makes me clever. 
A manufacturer of warmth
My aspiration
Heads to pat
Lullabies to sing
Time to invest
Fears to quench
Minds to enlighten
And blank spaces to fill
Will you stay still
Or will you pick up your quill
And write your chorus
Then sing it to the ill-
Hearted and the heart-
Broken and the broke?
So loud and so clear
Until your warmth kisses their despair
Until YOUR warmth kisses YOUR despair
And seduce it away
Like the moon seduces the sun away
One ray
at a time
then all at once
On its own timing and no one else's
Early or late it arrives and it accomplishes what it came to accomplish
I wonder
I ponder
Then I wander
I am not late
I am warm and I am here
The choice is mine
And I won't settle for fear. 

Stay warm little worms lol :3