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Silence in quest of creative noise!

      Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a space so full of noise you could beg for silence, for a second of quiet that would fall like pure bliss on your ears?!

Most people are scared of silence, they dread being delivered to themselves without a background noise to distract them from inner demons, they watch dumb tv programs and become serial small talkers just to escape, forbidding their minds to speak truths they're afraid to face and responsibilities they're too tired to assume.

I think that's why most people's lives are dull...deprived of creativity, innovation, and freshness...things like this demand silence to invite themselves over and to keep routine from turning into this lethal thread you wrap around your neck, one day at a time.

Now there are 2 main components to the process of inviting creativity back to your life:

First, there's silence, the emptiness that creativity requires. When you're busy doing something, your working memory is well..working, you cannot expect your brain to breakthrough with a genius idea when its attention is scattered to a million place.  

So set some time aside, put the timer on and free your mind, let it wander left and right, back and forth and pay attention to the ideas, thoughts, memories and bits of information that create a reaction inside you. 

Take note of those then wander a little longer. You can guide your thinking with an outline or a plan of what creative projects you want to work on. ONE A TIME. 

This wandering doesn't necessarily have to be made while you're staring at the ceiling with the lights off but also as you're doing purely physical activities like cleaning the dishes, running or folding your clothes!  

Now you would argue that a lot of people spend their days in silence and emptiness and boredom and they come up with nothing but more emptiness, which brings us to the second component of the creative abundance process and that is: what you feed your mind?! 

First, there's the mindset which I assume you, dear reader, have because you're reading this article. And that is the mindset of leading a creative and original life, thinking outside the box and doing things in a different and alive way that will prevent you from drowning in the well of a lethal routine.

Secondly, there's what you actually consume day and night. Do you waste your mental energy worrying about the gossip you overheard in school or do you invest in that energy by reading interesting books and leading challenging discussions? 

Are you a serial small talker or a vampire of deep conversations and an avid listener to people's buried stories? 
All this, what you feed your head, gets reflected in what you hear when you sit in silence for a long enough time for your brain to organize, filter, put together and then overflow with novelty, freshness and genius creativity! 

Most people blame their creative blocks on a lack of time but the truth is their block is due to the lack of a silence they're afraid to face! 

So many free times are wasted by entertaining, distracting, escaping from your mind.

Starting today, commit to putting at least 15 minutes a day to just think in silence, at peace without following the urge to get up nor grab your phone.

Quietly let your mind's juices flow!