Randomly Kawtar

 With an emphasis on emotions, mental health, the beauty of nature and the little habits that make a life, RandomlyKawtar captures in words and photographs what it is to live, to grow, to believe and to love.

The day I reclaimed my brokeness | poem.


last night I dreamt of you,
I dreamt of a companionship sweeter than my solitude,
I dreamt of a simple life
where love is revived with every sunrise
and where words flow out of my lips
like water flows to the waterfall,

a life where I reclaim my brokenness
only because it is mine
and because it made me the me
who holds on and let go
who ebbs and flows
whose stubbornness to shine through the darkness
grows stronger with every prayer.

I opened my eyes and it wasn’t a dream,
the warmth and rays of light are indeed coming through
my cracks, 
and words are finding their way out of me,
sometimes in drops, other times in rainfalls.
You’re not here but we’re moving along together
in a permanently expanding galaxy that is now ours to claim.

So I am here, indeed, losing myself in the realness of it all.

You cannot teach with humiliation, do so with love.