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How to (heathily) Change Your Vision of the World Around You.

Two things can change how you see the world around you: love and knowledge. 

The only thing more powerful than these two is faith because it’s the mixture of the two.


I grew up eating McDonalds and getting super excited when it’s Happy Meals day. A couple of nutrition and health books and documentaries later, fast food ad panels on the street disgust me and I’m now in awe of how people (the ex me included) could ever find that appealing and tempting.
More appealing than a consistent greek salad. Oh my!

(Actually, I'm now aware of the addictive substances that food contains along with all the other toxins.)



Also, I cannot look at a tuft of corn plants without smiling from the inside out. It reminds me of a precious day I spent with a precious person. I never even paid attention to corn before, now I find it beautiful, captivating, relaxing even.


Wanna change how the world around you looks? 
-Do all things with love, with a positive and open mind.
-Do them for the good reason and start from a strong basis: be aware of that thing, gain enough knowledge about it that it will eradicate your fears, biases and irrationalities about that thing. 

     Now to faith, when you're emotionally attached to something and have deep knowledge about it, you believe in it. 


    Faith is a circle. The more you know about God and His laws, the more you love Him and the more trust you have in Him and therefore the stronger your faith will be.
Simultaneously, the more you love Him, the more curious you will be about Him and therefore the more knowledge you are willing to gain about Him. And that also leads to a stronger faith.

And faith being the fruit of love and knowledge, it too changes how you see the world.

The stronger the faith, the less appealing the ephemerial temptations everyone seems to run after will be to you.
When you realize how worthy of worship God is and how His laws are the best guidance for Humans, your purposes in life upgrade to more noble and permanent purposes.


(For instance, with a strong faith, you quit lying because you are no longer preoccupied with pleasing people and you are no longer afraid of them, you only fear Him and want to please Him.)

The ones who complain of routine and monotony are those who are too avaricious to love, too lazy to understand and too stubborn to believe.

Now there are many others factors that you can change your vision of the world, 
there's fear that turn everything around you into threats, fear is usually born after a bad experience and a lack of knowledge.
there's the desire of revenge that turns everything around you into a revenge sword and is usually born from a lack of faith in something bigger and stronger.

And many many other toxic and unhealthy factors that will change the world around you into an ugly, threatning and lifeless scenery. 

Fight and avoid these factors with love, knowledge and faith. It's healthier for your heart, more sustainable for your mind and prettier for your eyes.

Change the imagery in front of you by being a factory of love, eating books and toughening your faith like your life depends on it…. because it does.

Rise Brighter Sunshines ^.^