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On the Insanity that has been Taking Over the World Lately.

You think that I don’t care? Because I haven't addressed it you think that it doesn’t bother me how the religion I`ve chosen to follow is being thrown with words of shame and accusations for troubling the world`s peace?

I could never gather enough words to express my concern about it but then I figured that we got to a point where it`s no longer about me or you or her or him.

There`s an emergency case in which the escape stairs are not exclusive for a certain type of people with a certain type of belief.

Oppression and injustice are commonly endured states that no alive thing deserves to submit or give in to.

    When the ‘arabic spring’ ignited, I didn`t bother understanding, nor helping nor caring.

  Six years down the line and as the suffocating fire expanded in the forest we all breathe in, not caring was no longer an option.

The situation got out of the hands of parliaments of politicians and jumped into the parliament of human hearts, of flesh and bones, of empathic heart cords playing louder and louder, stronger and stronger that my consciousness finally woke up from a deep nap of ignorance.

And what do I do? Throw a couple of hashtags “showing support” under my selfie at the Bahamas to increase the number of “accounts” who “care”?

Do I change my cover picture to pray for Nice or pray for Madinah? oh I`m Muslim I'd better show that.

Madinah then? but mmm what hadith to caption the picture with, one that will resonate best with my followers?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the power social media has in positively twisting situations around but there’s a fine line between an engaging contribution to change through social media and an eventful publication that will soon get dissimulated under the heap of unrelated posts following it.

Now, I don`t consider myself pretty enough to decrease the world`s ugliness,
nor wise enough to heal the world’s insanity,
nor powerful enough to make the world`s most violent men bend their heads down from shame of their impoliteness towards every alive thing on this whole damn planet.

Because yes, it all comes down to impoliteness, selfishness, and biased ignorance that our primary school teachers used to punish us, scold us for and aware us against.

And above all, I surely don`t consider myself big enough to make a change out of my bare hands, but I know who`s bigger than all of those whose arrogance is filling them up, more powerful than all of those who think they rule the world, the wisest of all. God almighty.

Yes, I pray.
Not on my Twitter nor Instagram.

I hide every night after the echo of a tank in France or a mother`s scream in Istanbul scares away the birds that serenade me in my evening walks.

I hide away and I pray for guidance, I pray for triumph for those who deserve it because only He knows who does.

He who told me that He is always with the oppressed, the tyrannized and the maltreated, that He will listen and respond to their prayers regardless of their religion because there’s nothing He despises more than injustice.

I pray God to show us who`s wrong and who`s right, who`s fighting for evil and who`s fighting for love so that we can then stand with the right team for the right reasons instead of being as we are: but a bunch of lost souls tilting our heads in confusion, not knowing who to believe, what to think and what to stand for.
He, the Wisest, whom the angels asked when He announced that He is creating Humans:

“Will You place therein (on Earth) those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, — while we glorify You with praises and thanks and sanctify You?”

to which He answered: “I know that which you do not know.”

“And He taught Adam all the names (of everything) , then He showed them to the angels and said, “Tell Me the names of these if you are truthful.””

The angels couldn’t answer but Adam could.

So knowledge, that’s our privilege.

A brain that learns and filters what the world tries to sell it before buying anything.
And so beside praying, I also learn.
I build my beliefs on unbiased knowledge, on deep learning and analyses.

I learn so that when my community and my beliefs are thrown with accusations I don’t scream back with biased, impulsive and ignorant ‘opinions’ but rather I filter what is being said and reply with wisdom in a way that will make the truth -not my ego and pride- stand out.

The third action to take as a citizen of the world in such a tumultuous situation is being helpful to the refugees, the marginalized and the direct victims of this insanity whenever and however we can.

Sometimes helpful means nothing but sparing them your judgment and showing the respect they owe you and maybe a genuine smile.

So pray and learn, think for yourself and be a factory of love and compassion.

Maybe with that, just maybe we`ll find out that despite the differences, the gaps and the distance, your beliefs and mine collide in a place where the human life is more expensive than we are brought to witness nowadays, that the only enemies are those who blindlessly chase money and power and righteousness in expense of people`s lives and of peoples` rights for safety and peacefulness.

Until then, until we find that place and agree to start building on it instead of bleeding on this earth, remember to pray, gain knowledge about what you stand for and nurture your critical thinking.

Because oh dear fellow human, they may have guns and tanks and conspiracies, but we have faith and knowledge and compassion.

That`s what I`ll be doing as well, alongside making art and allowing my just awaken consciousness to bleed itself in writing and yes perhaps give a voice to the voiceless and comfort the troubled and trouble the comforted and perhaps throw some sparkles of hope in hopeless places.

Rise Brighter Sunshines,

especially in a world that can't stop getting colder. . .

P.s.: the two first illustrations are a Tumblr courtesy..