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The Power Of Making Duaa.

      I've always considered Duaa as an exclusivity for the pious, that it's only a bonus and that there are other worshipping priorities I should take care of before thinking about making supplication.

        In all honesty, it has never been something I really thought about or cared to understand, yes I made duaa here and there in my prayer and out of it, but with very little faith and understanding of what it really is and especially with an understatement of its power.

This past Ramadane my curiosity about Fate, destiny and the extent of our freedom in controlling our lives was piqued and I finally devoted time to understand it.

In Quraan God tell us: 

“Allah blots out what He wills and confirms (what He wills). And with Him is the Mother of the Book (Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuz)”
— Chapter (13) sūrat l-raʿd (The Thunder)


Now what you need to know is that there are two types of Quadaa:

- Moualak معلق (conditionned):

This is the life-time decree, the one written by the angels , with the command of God obviously, when you're in the womb of your mother.

And it is flexible ... or rather conditionned.

Here's how I understand it.

     I've recently started learning Javascript and there's a statement called Else If and If Else in which you give the navigator conditions and a command to be excecuted only if the conditions are fulfilled.

   If not fullfilled, the navigator looks for the next command you gave it and excecutes it if the conditions of this second command are fullfilled ... and so on.

This is how conditioned predestination works. God has written decreed results and with them He has written proper means that the human should do, without which the decreed result won't occur. You see? (Re-read that sentence with more focus :p )

So what we get depends on what conditions of what decree we will fulfill.

- Say God has written that your thirst is to be ceased and He conditionned this ceasing with you actually drinking water. If you don't drink, the thirst will still be there.

- Similiraly, God may have decreed that in 2 years you'll loose your fortune (God bless and protect you all ) but He conditionned it with many things which include you not making Duaa to Him to protect your earnings. Meaning that making Duaa will prevent the loss from happening.

The decree of the loss is there, it's happening unless you prevent it with  Duaa.

This is how powerful Duaa is .

“Nothing can change the Divine decree except Dua.”
— Prophet Muhammet PBUH...

This goes to even expanding your life span if you visit your relatives as the hadith goes:

“Whoever is pleased to have his provision expanded and his life span extended, then he should keep good relations with his family.”
— Prophet Mohammet PBUH.

One way I witnessed this is with my laziness and my frequent low energy levels which I've long (and still) suffer from.

Up until I found this Duaa which whenever I make  with faith and with some effort on my own, it doesn't last long before my productivity reaches its peak and I feel motivated and confident to work on projects I've been ignoring and procrastinating for so long. I'm not even kidding. 

.اللهمَّ إني أعوذ بك من العجزِ والكسل، والجُبنِ والبُخل، والهَرمِ وعذابِ القبر

 .اللهمَّ آتِ نفسي تقواها، وزكِّها أنت خيرُ مَن زكَّاها، أنت وليُّها ومولاها

 اللهمَّ إني أعوذُ بك من علمٍ لا ينفع، ومن قلبٍ لا يخشع، ومن نفسٍ لا تَشبع، ومنْ دعوةٍ لا يُستجابُ لها

A duaa that prevents me from laziness and all those calamities in case they were decreed on me, you see?


- Moubram (absolute) : Now to the second type.

This is the Foreknowledge that is written in what Allah calls the mother of the Book which only Him is in possession of  and has access to.

In it God has written everything that is ever ought to be and everything that won't be and if it was to be how it would have been. 

Meaning that no conditions are written there, what is written is the final result, the final rendering.

In it is written whether your thirst will be ceased or not taking in consideration whether you will drink or not. Allah knows which condition you will fulfill  to excecute which decree.  Seee? You see?

Same for life span, if God commands the angels to write that your life span is 80 then it's 80 unless you do charity or visit your relatives which will expand your life span to say 85 or 90. 

It's this final span (90) that is written in the mother of the Book.

      Now that you've read all of it I advise you to re-read it haha, you'll understand the beginning better now that you read the end. You see? hahah okay I should stop asking you this and go to bed because I'm crazy ill and tired. Practice your duaa skills on asking God to heal me, thank you very much! 


      Also, I can hear this question lingering in your head: "I made a thousand duaa and I don't really see how it affects the course of things!"

Well, just like duaa has power, it is an art with rules and an etiquette, it's not very complicated. You'll see so in the next article The Art of Making Duaa where we will discuss the how's and whens of duaa (and anything else you want me to cover, just let me know below). So stay tuned (hopefully next Friday inchaAllah).


But for now, for this article, if it does nothing but pique your curiosity about this powerful worship, then I'll be more than satisfied and happy and everything :D

Grow Gracefully Daisies.





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