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A little confession & answering your questions.

   Can I just be honest with you? In the past month, I somehow have lost connection with what I write.

   Not writing altogether -I’m not giving up on that- but I feel as if I have lost track of what I really wanna write about and what I wanna stand for, using my writings.

I have got so caught up in the "be consistent/ produce more/ promote your work" hustle that all I aim to do now is write whatever pops first in my head just to hit my word count goals or to finish my daily hour of writing. Without giving myself the time to  think clearer and to feel deeper.

And it doesn’t feel good, at all.

   My heart doesn’t race when I’m about to hit publish anymore so much I got into the habit of considering writing as a dull and monotone craft that I just have to get done, you see? 

The good news are, I’m now  aware of  this  . And as with everything that bothers me, I wrote about it in my diary and I can see clearer hamdullah and I have put down some guidelines to follow in order to ignite back the passion and the authenticity that used to make my heart race and cause butterflies in my stomach from excitement of publishing what I wrote.

There’s no need to discuss those guidelines with you here, I just hope they’ll get reflected in the content to come, whether here on this blog or on my Medium blog (which I’m getting addicted to by the way).

      It’s always good to get things off your chest, especially with a mature and understanding audience like you, faithful readers.

    I knew I have attracted that kind of audience when I read your questions and suggestions for Ramadan.

 I already made articles out of some suggestions like this and this. Some others were Ramadan related and I didn’t get to address them. What’s left are three deep questions that I will give my  answer to. 

For the sake of lenght, I wrote the answers in 3 seperate posts on Medium and I only inserted an excerpt from each answer here and the buttons will take you to the full answer on Medium.


How To have a conversation with different people without (them) getting angry and stopping the relationship.

  • Showing rather than telling.
  • Start with what you both believe in.
  • Make love your start and finish line.

How to still believe in the goodness of others when you’ve been disappointed a lot?

...Furthermore, by hiding your heart away in a shell, you risk turning it into a cold pebble that will soon loose its ability to feel and be alive with the warmth of human emotions and interactions.

Be kind and have courage. Believe in the power of forgiveness and be the founder of goodness in hopeless places.

What do you think is the point of teenage relationships (gf/bf) ?

The process of building these things is enough a messy and emotionally unstable journey to be in for you to get involved in yet another demanding engagement that is usually based on illusions of love and hopeless promises and using up your partner to fix and mend your own scars.



You too can ask me questions, feel free, I'm easy to talk to ;) 


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