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Tuesday's100s #2: On Laughter, Grief & broken Mirrors!!

    Here’s the secend edition of Tuesdays100s , a series where visual arts meet short shots of written inspiration. 

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...Human's Thirst For Laughter...

....Take Your Time In Understanding Your Sorrow....

...What Part Of Me will You Choose To Reflect?...

With your scarred hands, what broken piece of mirror will you pick to reflect what part of my bare skin now that I’m feeling comfortable enough to reveal it all to you?

Will you reflect the part of me who will bring you jasmine flowers for the good smell alone.
The confident me who will express her thoughts so smartly and clearly you will fall in love and re-think your behaviors.
The spontaneous me who will throw jokes that will toughen your ribs and make you see life brighter?

Or will you bring out the devil in me, the crazy me whom nerves spark up with the tiniest of offenses.
The irritable me who finds it too heavy to even smile.
The insecure me who shakes in doubt with every move she makes?

The choice is yours, pick wisely ;)

That’s a wrap babyy xD 


I decided to start daily blogging the 7 first days of every month here on the blog, so make sure to come back at the end of every day of this upcoming week, starting tomorrow ;)