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Tuesday's 100s :First Edition.

I annouced here that I have started daily blogging on Medium.

Everyday I post a 100 words article with a picture.

Not everything I post is good and on this blog I try to be selective in what to post SO I decided that every Tuesday I will make a post with three of the best articles I posted on Medium the previous week.

The bonus is in the way I will present those articles: I will be as creative as I can and mix collage and photography (maybe videography as well) and writing to present you with an alive and short boost of inspiration. Okay? 

So here's to the first edition of #Tuesday's 100s. 

1. The Taste Refiner.

Don’t give up on people who refine your taste of life and cease your thirst for meaningful conversations and lay before you truths you’ve always been too weak to look at.

Those are the people whom soul print becomes part of your soul despite of yourself, despite your attempts to get rid of the memory of them.

People whom boldness and pride makes you doubt the accuracy and point of all the doubts you’ve ever had about yourself.

Hold on to those.

They’re as rare as gold in a souk of cheap Pyrite.

They’re the catalyst you’ve been waiting for.

(I miss you… to say the least.)

 Let'em. gently. repent.


People are self-centered, they often do mistakes because they were blinded by getting a personal benefit or avoiding a threat, so most of the time, mistakes have nothing to do with us.

After they’ve woken up from their blindness, a person who really deserves to be forgiven will move mountains to make it up to you, to make you feel like you worth more than how they treated you.




And I promise, most of the time,your relationship will gain nothing but more strenght than it has ever gained.

Everybody deserves a second chance.






Conversation Guidelines.

  1. Be yourself. never apologize for who you are or for what you believe in;
  2. don’t talk about something if you don’t feel like talking about it;
  3. don’t talk if you don`t wanna talk in the first place’
  4. don’t be afraid of having a different opinion.We mark people by our foreign convictions, it’s boring to always agree especially when you have a different idea;
  5. THINK THINK THINK before answering and if you don`t have an opinion, you don`t have to make up one that excact moment, just say that you`ve never thought about it before;
  6. if you don`t understand what they’re talking about, think about it then ask them what they actually mean, it’s not stupid. What’s stupid is to actually pretend that you know it all and drive the conversation into an impass;
  7. take the lead of the conversation, don’t wait for approval or guidance, be the spectacular leader that you are.

Remember: the worst gift you could give someone is making them fall for a fake, made-up, pleople-pleasing version of yourself.

It`s not fair, nor to them nor to your beautiful and worthy self.

One thing I can promise, I'll get better at it (handwriting and all haha), week after week, promise!! 

Grow Gracefully Daisies *.*