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Letter To July. (Favourites)

Dear July,

  You have been more on the slow down, monotone side comparing to June and I can't complain.

I scored some slow yet present progress on the projects I'm working and hit some milestones.

      In you, I harvested the fruit of June's thinking processes and challenging ideas so what you offered me was a basket of fresh and almost revolutionary beliefs that my psyche is carefully digesting.

- On the basket, there was this realisation  that the self is too weak and unstable a psyche to have confidence in. That all trust should be put in God, all guidance should be sought in Him and positivity should only be expected of Him.

“I am as My servant expects of Me, so if he thinks good of Me then he will have it, and if he thinks evil of Me then he will have it.”
— Allah the Exalted.


- You made me realize that I actually hate eggs in burger bread because they have the same texture...if it makes sense.

- In your early days I was convinced with the idea that when the taming is done and the purpose is one, nothing else matters, not the distance, not the scars...

     But as your days rolled by, I corrected myself and realized that distance makes you realize one of the two: 
1. that your dependency on a relationship has been pointless and worthless all along. (drop it and keep but a sweet memory).
2. that the relationship has been contributing to the vibrancy and flow of your life. (keep it and make it grow).
What a person plants in the land of your relationship, they harvest ...

- From the long family stays at our house and friends meetings during this month, I realised that EVERY human behaviors' MAIN motive is personal benefit, even when they do charity. 
If they're not getting anything out of it, MOST people won't do it for your beautiful eyes or crucial needs only.

This isn't right but it's very common (with exceptions like parents and philanthropists), it may be human nature but it can be nurtured.


- For the first time, I discover my favorite ice cream flavor: Praliné. I'm as addicted to it as I'm to the Marina of Rabat which my bestrfiend still can't fanthom my admiration for.

Some things cannot be explained or understood, just felt.


      During my work breaks I also stumbled upon some great articles and videos that moved my heart and/or challenged my mind, here are some:


     And I only posted two articles in Randomly Kawtar which my consciousness is blushing from but I have been learning to write and also writing on Medium so...

A Detailed Description of the Writing process.

Popularity Doesn't Make The Artist. 

       By the way, I just started a 100 days challenge in Medium where I'll be posting a 100 words article every day for 100 days, starting July 29th and ending October the 5th.

Find out more about it here.

      For this happy lovely place RK, great things are coming inchaAllah. I'm thinking about posting on weekends, like 3 articles a week, what do you think about that? 

Also, don't forget to submit your suggestions and ask me questions and also scold me on the lack of consistency. Please do that!!


Grow Gracefully Daisies *.*