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How To Be A Good Cook.

        First things first, wear your pair of jeans, your favorite t-shirt, some Back To Black in the background and let`s create some chaos in the kitchen!!

     That`s how I get in the cooking mood and nope wearing an apron is not included. It`s up to you. (tell me in the comments how do you set the mood for cooking ;) )

      Don`t freak out about cooking and don`t see it as something out of reach or very difficult, it`s not.

       You should trust me because I just learned how to make an omelet one year ago and now I can cook multiple things at least once a week and so far nobody in my family got poisoned or anything…and they really love what I cook. 

    Note: my father and brother are the most honest people I know… and they have good taste.x) 

      And trust me I`m the least talented person on this planet -we`ll talk about this later- but creating kitchen chaos is something that I`m deeply passionate about so I had no choice but first ameliorate my omelet skills then upgrade to more sophisticated dishes.

Here are some of the things that have helped me during this journey:

           Admire the Greats. 

         The first thing you notice about a Cordon Bleu is their confidence and agility in the kitchen.

       They look like they`re playing, adding a spoon of salt, tasting then adding another half. Swiftly switching from peeling a carrot to steering a sauce that tastes heavenly, squeezing some lemon even if it`s not mentioned in the recipe.

     They play and have fun and create art that makes our mouths salivate.

Here are some of my favourite cooking stations on the internet:

    I`m far from that because of my lack of practice but assisting my greatly talented aunt while cooking for events and tea parties has benefited me to take cooking less seriously than I used to and made me realise that just like colors, ingredients have many ways to be mixed and matched up into something beautiful and delicious, all it takes is to know what goes with that and there are two ways to learn that:

1.Nurture your good taste.


     Become a hunter of good quality food and whenever you taste something delicious that makes your eyes widen in surprise try to guess what it is made of or ask whoever made it what did they mix up and see what tricks they used. 

2. Experiment.

Cook with the confidence of a Chef.

and stop following recipes religiously

        The more you cook and the more recipes you try while adding your personal touch to those recipes, the more you`ll learn about what tastes well with what and what is the best way to cook specific ingredients.

        In contradiction to most of other skills and arts, I believe that cooking is not about precision. Today you can use 2 tablespoons of yogurt and the juice of half a lemon for a salad dressing tomorrow you`ll use less yogurt more lemon juice and add some drops of soy sauce and it`ll be an equally delicious salad dressing. 

  Trust yourself,

don`t take it too seriously,

mix and match up. taste as you go,

and surprise your tongue with original and new combinations. 

        Ever since I stopped following recipes religiously and started adding unusual things to well-known recipes, I started cooking the tastiest things ever.

      It goes from adding honey to the bechamel sauce to using herbs in literally every dish (chicken and pasta and pizza and soups). When I say herbs I mean mint, basil, sage, oregano… whatever I find around and it almost always turns great.

Use herbs and spices everywhere !!


Practice Your Skills.

      Knife skills, how to sautee, how to grill, how to peel garlic...there`s an endless set of skill needed in cooking obviously and we are fortunately not in shortage of online resources to learn thoose skills. 

Skillshare, Udemy and Jamie oliver`s 1 minute tips are great places to start.

      The more you practice, the better you`ll get and of course the more confident you`ll feel around food...if it makes sense.

      But the most important skills are confidence, agility and passion. 

    Whenever I cook with no heart and soleley because I have to OR when I`m not comfortable, I cook inedible food. Literally. 

Put heart and confidence in it and play around!!