Randomly Kawtar

 With an emphasis on emotions, mental health, the beauty of nature and the little habits that make a life, RandomlyKawtar captures in words and photographs what it is to live, to grow, to believe and to love.

ABC...K: Kill`em With Kindness.

   With every spec of modesty I own, I`ve always been the kind one.

Saying yes to every asked favor, ready to carry other`s luggage and sacrificing my time and energy to do a favor.

But somewhere along the journey of transition from childhood to adulthood, I lost it. 

The teenage me started craving independance and misunterprested it for selfishness. So she gave up my kindness policy for individuality and safety purposes.

    She bought the beliefs that the world was trying to sell her, you know those soulless messages in bottles that read: ''kindness is weakness'', ''the world eats kind kids alive'', ''this life requires tough skin, reserved compassion and never a full smile.''

I bought it, I bit into it and I locked myslef up. I claimed to be working on myself in order to save myself but also in order to be better for people and have things to offer. 


      As long as we`re made of flesh and bone and  there`s a soul that swims between our ribs, we have something to offer. Always. We have the humanity, the vulnerabilities.

    We can still offer an open mind, a listening ear, a nodding head and a pat on the shoulder that translates into: ' I understand and even if I may not have been there I won`t judge your difference.' 

      In all honesty, I`ve never missed my younger self more, that sensibility she had towards the misfit, the marginalized and the bullied.

      That thirst she had for people`s vulnerabilities and her talent of turning them into empowerments and embellishments using solely kindness and compassion. 

She used to give what she lacked and found a peaceful fulfillment in that. 

It`s scary how I`m finding it difficult now to sacrifice my time and energy in order to completely and solely be someone`s listening ear and helping hand without getting anything out of it.

It`s dangerous how I got so caught up in my own race until I started sweating and stinking individualism and making people running away.

It`s such a calamity of mind how sinful I consider whoever attempts to breathe the same air as I do or tries to take a rest on my shoulder, inside my intimate bubble.


      By any means am I dissing independence, I`m a deeply independent one but  I`m solely blaming myself for turning it into a distraction from what really matters to me - mindful giving.


Offering people what I wished had been offered to me, or what I have been offered in abundance that people are striving for. 

Needing someone to show you that you`re worthy of love and care? Make someone feel special, remember important details about them and important dates and let them know. 

Craving someone to just listen to you and understand your rambling? Stop whining and go do that to someone, listen relentlessly without trying to fix or save, just let them know that they`re sane and understandable. Not in a fake way just as a peaceful and loving gift.

You want someone to interact with your work? Be active in people`s lives first and show that you care and that they matter.

Don`t ask for something you are not willing to give. That`s the thing.

I find it more fulfilling to give than it is to take.

Why? you ask. Why bother to leave your own bubble and get involved in others`?

Well because putting a smile on people`s faces is an art that few people care to master although it is crucial for success.

Because there hasn`t been a time I`ve given without excepting, where I didn`t get something back from a totally different person.

Because people will only respect you and consider you beautiful when you make them feel special, when you put heart, time and energy to bring a spark into their life.

Kindness is the beautiful we can create and take credit for, not the beautiful of the appearance or social status.

Kill em with kindness and be the silver lining and shine through people`s darkest  clouds.

Kill em with kindness to keep the humanity going. 

Because you see, the ego has been strangling our planet lately with a firm hand, so all we need is a soft feather to touch that hand, tickle it so that ego can set us free so that we can breathe again.

Be a soft feather my dear and fight for peace, a noble, clever and bloodless fight.