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What`s in my bag?

     The day has come for me to act like a proper typical blogger and show you what treasures I have in my bag. A sweet lady pointed out that she`s interested in knowing what I have in there so it`s Sunday and I`m so chill, so let`s do it. 


I got this bag from Aldo about a year ago an it is still my definition of a perfect bag: favourite size, favourite colour, favourite material.

If I were a bag, I would be this, literally.



I got this about 3 years ago from Accesorize and it`s getting so worn out I need a new one. We went through a lot though, I love it and carry it even when I don`t have a dime in it *.*


A magazine and a book. You never know how many hours you would have to wait in a line or something so it`s always good to have an entertainment.

The book is about Angels ( yeah I just cultivated an urging curiosity in them and wanted to know more).

The magazine is called `Brain & Psycho` : my favourite field of interest currently, very very interesting.

Notes & Doodles

Roald Dahl had the idea for Charlie And The Chocolate Factory while he was stuck in traffic, he was so excited and wanted to write it down but had nothing on him so he wrote `chocolate` on the dusty door of his car so that he`ll remember when he gets home.

This is the role of the notebook (from Virgin) , I carry it around with me in case I get the idea for my factory. You never know, just in case.

I`m not much of a doodler but I like to act like one and that drawing notebook is just so cute to not carry around. 


Nothing fancy, just something to plug in when you want to feel like in a movie while walking in the street.

Oh and a phone in case you get lost or something. Or someone miracoulously misses you or something... you never really know what miracles could happen when you`re out, never!!


My mom got me that cute mirror last week with K on it and I basically only used it once and it did nothing but remind me of how imperfect my skin is because it`s so tiny. So I closed it forever. Thanks mom.

And the cream was also a gift from a nice girl who works at The Body Shop, we bought some few things and she filled three little cute pots with hand creams that smell heavenly. For me, my mom and my grandmother. Thank you miss, i`m definitely coming back.

...Quraan (holy book)...

This is  a small part of it, the excact part I`m due to learn by heart for this semester so I just like to revise or something especially on long riding trips. I`m still terrible at its recitation but I`m really working on it. Ask my parents.

...Bottle Of Water...

Water. yey. This water is actually pretty expensive but I just bought the bottle once and now I fill it from the tap or from less expensive mineral waters. This is how brilliant I am.

I have 3 reasons why I bought this: 

  1. It`s healthier to carry water in glass containers rather than plastic which gets really toxic especially with the sun and high temperatures;
  2. It`s a cute bottle to look at and drink from, it`s more appealing to get hydrated;
  3. I just like to have my own little personal things. yeah...

   That`s it, that`s all I got there, nothing fancy just in-cases and cuties.

What`s in your bag?

Grow Gracefully Daisies *.*