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Are We On The Same Vibe?

      It`s appealing this vision I have.
     That of being on the same vibe as someone.
     That of easily transitioning from long walks at the beach while conversing words as raw as the sand we`re walking on and as deep as the ocean before us, from that to drowning into promising photographs while caroling melodies we`ll be embarrassed to even hum outside our world.

      A world where gravity rules have been broken and where telepathy theories were no longer mythical hypothesises but a second language after our mothers`.

       A theory proved by moments during which lesser words and exclusive vocabulary are required to communicate great concerns, and where a mere eye contact provokes harmonized laughter that is unfathomable to people on different vibes than the main characters. Call it secret I call it telepathy.

       It`s strange for a person like me to have such a vision, a person who used to cry herself to sleep blanked by both the guilt of being an uninteresting creature and the fear of dying as an unloved, unbearable soul.

      A person who`ve never seen in her wildest dreams that there is such a thing as being loved by someone who unveiled her impurest sides & her more rustic imperfections that she has spent her entire life trying to dissimulate in hope to be loved.

   Up until I met my people.

Every night I used to pray that I`d find my people, and finally I did, on the open road, we had nothing to loose, nothing to gain nothing we desired anymore excepct to make our lives into a work of art.
— Lana Del Rey.

    People who were unapologetically being themselves.
    People who demanded nothing but to be picked in spite of their thorns, to be loved in spite of their flaws.

     People who celebrated my gold and gently tolerated my rustic.

      People who opened my eyes to the truth that perfection and similitude don`t figure on the list of requirements of love.

       I was shaken by this truth to the point where I locked myself up in a womb, lost consciousness of the world and when I came back all I saw on that list were the words authenticity & vibe.

   So I switched my usual `am I enough for you` with `Are we on the same vibe?`


        I switched `sorry I'm boring or sorry I`m different` with `maybe your aura isn`t providing me with enough energy for me to shake your world with all the eye-catching treasures, thoughts, fears, dreams I`m holding inside, and that`s okay.`

     That`s okay, there`s no need for us to make lengthy, dramatic, and toxic episodes where we judge or hate on one another and shake each other`s self-esteems.


       May I go back to my vision? 

“The souls are (like) an army joined (in the world of spirits) whichever souls knew each other (in that world) are attracted towards each other (in this world) and whichever remained distant and indifferent (there) are disinterested to each other (in this world)”
— Prophet Muhammet.

    Vibing with someone IS NOT  liking the same ice cream flavor or having the same opinions on politics, IT IS NOT falling into the standard of a `normal person` or meeting anyone`s expectations of you.

    Vibing with someone is deciding that your authentic auras fit together.

     It is not trying to change each other but instead be a source of inspiration, a challenge and a catalyst for improvement for them.

  It is trusting them with your weakest vulnerabilities without the fear that this will threaten their love and respect for you.

     It is losing count of the give and take game because you believe that your commitment instinctively comprehends regular, little, and mindful gestures that keep the fondness going .

      It is when everything I cited above piles up and you start floating in a miraculous kind of familiarity and intimacy that is cryptic to everyone else on the outside .


    V.V. Rozanov’s note to a letter of Strakhov dated January 5, 1890, in his book Literary Exiles:

“No one, not even a ‘friend,’ can make us better. But it is a great happiness in life to meet a person of quite different construction, different bent, completely dissimilar views who, while always remaining himself and in no wise echoing us nor currying favor with us (as sometimes happens) and not trying to insinuate his soul (and an insincere soul at that!) into our psyche, into our muddle, into our tangle, would stand as a firm wall, as a check to our follies and our irrationalities, which every human being has.
     Friendship lies in contradiction and not in agreement!
    Verily, God granted me Strakhov as a teacher and my friendship with him, my feelings for him were ever a kind of firm wall on which I felt I could always lean, or rather rest. And it won’t let you fall, and it gives warmth.”



       To sum it up:

  • nobody is boring and everybody deserves to be loved;
  • not being yourself is like betraying others into falling for a character that is not you;
  • so asbe yourself because the only question that remains is: Ca clique ou ca clique pas? 


~Rise Brighter Sunshines *.*