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Self-reminder: Have a Full Life NOT A Busy One.

"Busy" is not something I strive to be anymore nor something I'm proud to be. I once was that --busy and instead of filling me up it emptied the hell out of me and of my health and spoiled my priorities. 

In a time when all I strived for was creative abundance, I realised that adding more deadlines to my life suffocated my creativity instead of nurturing it. 

If your life doesn't allow you enough time for an evening read, a long early morning walk when you need it (and you'll always will) or a talk with your sister when she needs someone to teach her how to handle her emotions, then you'd better reconsider the whole course your life is running. Cut off the unnecessary. 

Have a full life not a busy one. Full of passionate projects, constructive relationships and quality choices. 

Stress and business don’t rhyme with creativity and health.


The choice is yours even if it might not seem so sometimes. 

To be realistic, you will eventually go through busy times sooner or later in life no matter what you're working on, but what matters is that you don't make it a habit, a way of life.

Don’t make busyness a lifestyle!

Rise Brighter Sunshines *.*