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Mia and the Smoothie Bowls: An Autobiography by me.

*/ this is a guest blog post by my dear friend @miaandmore \*      

    HELLO FRANDS IT’S YOUR FAVOURITE-CLUMSY-SMOOTHIE-LOVER CHEF MIA VISITING AGAIN! This time, I’m back to share with you a passion of mine: SMOOTHIES! Ahem, I’m only 2 lines through this article and I’ve already used the word smoothie 3 times…

       Truth is, the original blog’s host asked me to bring my creations back among us all because she’s been struggling with breakfasts lately, and smoothie recipes on the internet usually contain ingredients that aren’t available in our country. 

Therefore my dear Kawtar, the pleasure to inspire your and your audiences' breakfasts is all mine!

And without any further due, here come my top 3 smoothie bowls recipes:

  • Beetroot based smoothie bowl.

Did I ever mention I’m a huge beetroot lover? No? Guess I just did then! I’m a girl with a lot of digestive system issues (you’d think I wouldn’t be seeing all the clean foods I eat, but it is what it is) and beets have always been of great help to me. They’re rather low in fat, full of vitamins and minerals and packed with powerful antioxidants.


-1 medium sized beet.

-a handful of spinach leaves.

-3 dates for the daily morning energy!

-1/2 cup of oats.

-1 tbsp of honey.

-1/2 tbsp of cinnamon.

-1 banana (optional, for topping).

-shredded coconut (optional, for topping).


  • You can either simply grate the beet or boil it beforehand (it takes around 30 mins for a medium sized beet to boil until tender, thus I recommend doing it the night before if you’re making the smoothie for breakfast). I prefer mine boiled because it gives the smoothie a creamy feel.
  • Here’s the magic trick with smoothies: you just cut/slice/dice your ingredients and blend them while adding water until smooth to your liking, and *bell rings* breakfast ready!
  • Pour mixture into a bowl and get creative with the topping! I used for mine a sliced banana and shredded coconut.


  • Green smoothie.



-1 small avocado or ½ a big avocado.

-a handful of spinach leaves.

-2 lettuce leaves.

-1 banana.

-3 dates (of course lol).

-1 tbsp of honey.

-1 tbsp sesame seeds.

-1/2 tbsp cinnamon.



-Cut leaves and dates in small pieces, slice banana, add along with other ingredients in a blender.

-Blend while adding water until as smooth as you’d like it.


  • Kiwi based smoothie bowl.

Kiwifruit is underrated, let’s make this clear shall we. It is low in calories too, packed with more vitamin C than an equivalent amount of orange, and the black edible seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids (surprising, yes I know!).

This recipe is probably a green smoothie as well but kiwi needs some recognition, so let’s leave it this way!


-2 small kiwis.

-1 banana.

-a handful of spinach leaves or 2 lettuce leaves.

-a few mint leaves.

-3 dates (haha this is becoming funny!).

-1/2cup of oats.

-1/2 tbsp cinnamon.

-1 tbsp of honey (optional).

-shredded coconut (optional, for topping).


-Slice banana and kiwis, cut leaves and dates in small pieces, add along with other ingredients in a blender.

-Blend while adding water until smooth enough for your liking.

-Get creative with the topping!


With that, my friends, I’m leaving you today.

I hope your nights are warm and breakfasts easy this winter. Until I’m back again for a feature with something fresh and new;

live healthily, grow strong & Laters Sunshines!


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