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Letter to October | Self-Reminders.

     Dear October, unlike your fellow previous months, I have no desire in laying before you the products, articles and videos I liked and enjoyed throughout your days. 

Instead, I'm more down for a heartfelt and honest discourse with you about everything you've offered me throughout the course of your weeks.

Not much if I'm honest, but it is often in times of calmness and  monotony that one has the chance to reflect on one's role in and course of life.

So here are some Self-reminders I noted:

  •  It only takes 01:46 mins to call your grandmother and make her the happiest and proudest grandma' on earth so stop running out with the excuse that you don't know what to say and that you're introverted and God knows what else. Embrace the embarrassment :) 


  •  School kills creativity and teaches us to study with the goal of passing tests, not failing a grade, making our parents proud and not getting detention for being "over-active" or being a "slow learner". Practice learning to learn and master no matter how much time it takes you!


  •  Don't loose focus of your core principles and purpose. Ask yourself daily: why am I doing what I am doing right now? Will it get me to where I want to go? Am I doing it in expense of something else that is more important -like work over family or socialising over taking care of yourself?

Am I choosing quantity over quantity and racing over mastering?



  •  Don't dwell on things you've done or things that have happened. Ask: What's next? Your neck will hurt from turning your head back every two seconds and the people who live in the past won't be there to give you a massage. 


  •  It's not cruel to refuse to be with someone if you think it's the best for everybody. Do it gracefully and guilt-free because what's cruel is to not give your best and most authentic self to someone.


  •  Girl, girl listen, it's not your duty to please a guy, one way or another. DON'T LET ANYONE MAKE YOU FEEL GUILTY ABOUT NOT BEING WITH THEM, one way or another, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO. Please.


  •  While watching Sherlock, you're scared, not hungry so stop snacking at midnight, that tummy ain't gonna get flat on its own.


  • Girl, girl listen, by devoting all your time and energy and focus to your family, you're only destroying its members. Yes make them your priority but if you don't feed your interior life and intellect and took care of yourself, you'll have nothing of value to teach them and give them. You'll be an empty space that is impatiently waiting for one of them to fill it up with THEIR interests, their passions and their intellectual wealth. (more is to be said on this matter, remind me ;) )  Read More...


  • it's easy to be smart and act clever when you're alone, the challenge is to do so when you're surrounded by those who bring the worst or weakest in you. Be kind, smartly.
  • Boys too are told not to do things because they are boys, their lives are not as easy as it seems. Read more...

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