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Are your Words Worthy of my Time?

So what am I gonna grace the world with today?

What words of English literature will I choose to compile in an order that will haunt whoever stumbles upon them?

How will I make them resonate days on end inside the mind of whoever grants me with 1 minute of their life?

If I could make even one person reflect on a neglected part of their life or motivate them to re-connect with an old passion or solace them in their loneliness, then that would be enough for me.

Any reaction would be enough except a frown of disgust and anger at how my words were a waste of their time.

I want my writing to be worthy of all the time it takes to read it.

If it’s clear and understandable,

if it’s original and doesn’t repeat what everyone is saying everywhere,

if my passion and my beauty of mind shine through the lines,

then that’s a worthy of time piece of writing. (Not according to my Medium stats.)

Of course, I’ll have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding my prince.

I’ll have to write a lot of average before crafting a breakthrough.
 but this is no reason for me to neglect my responsibility of putting effort and sparkling beauty in the average instead of waiting for the inspiration fairy to strike me.

So here’s my promise to you, I’m taking it more seriously and devoting one distraction-free hour a day to produce the freshest juice of short inspiration you’ll drink all day.

Over to you:

What are your criteria of a worthy of time piece of writing?

Grow Gracefully Daisies *.*