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Self-Reminder: Redefining your worth!!

     Everyday we hear stories of fellow humans who can memorise a deck of card after seeing it only once, yogis who play with their bodies like a loomy band, painters who make you doubt the fakeness of their masterpieces so much the accuracy of the details is mind-blowing, or again car designers selling us cars who can park themselves, i mean ... what`s my life!! 

   Trust me, most of these people are just normal like me and you, their brains are not more complex than ours nor do their bodies have supernatural powers.

  The only difference there is, is that when they look into the mirror, they believe that

behind that reflection there is an infinity of treasures

... then they look straight into their own eyes and


to find that richness, they commit to tap into that potential and explore every edge of the underestimated amount of abilities we humans have been priviliged with...

  ...then they leave their houses

with faith in their hearts, a vision in their souls and a challenge for their minds.


     Heck, I`m not excpecting you to win the next memory championship nor be the next Oprah, but here`s the thing: no matter what you`re going through, weither it`s a midlife crisis or an unsolved mistery in your life , and no matter how low your self esteem is, no matter how many times you`ve been told that you`re not enough or how many times you messed things up, no matter how much you hate your job or the person sitting next to you ... I beg you to believe that your worth is more than all of  that.

You are defined by more than all of that negativity.


, my friend,

are rich

in opportunities, rich in qualities and values, rich in inner beauty and abilities, even if it may not be clear to you at some point.


    I know that because I believe that the 100 billion of neurons in that little brain of yours don`t work night and day  for you to let negativity suck your energy away and live life like a ghost, they don`t provide you with all those primitive functions, thoughts and ideas, emotions and sensations for you to give up on yourself instead of investing in your brains` possibilties by providing it a strong and positive field where it can cherish and thrive. It`s a choice. Scientifically.

    Nor have your body, mind and soul gone with you through all the storms without giving up on you, for you to define your worth by the mistakes you did, the holes you fell into, or the blind people`s opinions on what you can and can`t do.

Who are you?

Are you thirsty for an infinity of wild dreams,

but still wasting every last drop of desire on ignorant people`s idea of you?

Are you hunting for your dissimulated treasures,

or are you letting hopelessness haunt you?

Have you started challenging yourself 

or do you loose belief everytime life challenges you?  

Are you grateful for everything you have

or are you endlessly craving what`s on other peoples' hands?

Is your life anchored by uninfluenced values,

     or are you letting life variants define your worth?

Believe me when I say this: you are enough and you have enough, 

all that`s left to do is dig a little deeper

believe a little clearer

and practice a little harder.

Go out there. find yourself, be grateful for what God priviliged you with,

and instead of belittling yourself, tap into your full potantial and throw that self-made sparkle  in whatever life puts you in then step back and admire the magical chain reaction you`ve started.

Have A Sweet Life Sweeties!!

Randomly KawtarSelf-Reminder