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Bedtime Stories : The intro.


''Oh my God that's so me!!''

- ''This is so inspiring *.* "

- "How can people be this creative!!"

- "Oh my!! Where do these people find words to express themselves this good?! "

- "This is my new motto ."

   This is me while scrolling through my Tumblr feed, reading books or lyrics OR discovering new posts of Humans of New York wich is one of my favourite pages because duh I have a thing for storytelling especially when the story is original, creative and inspiring.

    And this is why I'm starting this ... new series ... yup can't help it!!

      It's called "Bedtime Stories" where I will obviously not share with you everything I like on Tumblr, that would be scandalous, trust me, but whenever I come across an inspiring paragraph from a book, a story I heard, a poem, some lyrics that I'd assume worth spreading, I'll share it here!! yey.

     For instance this genuine paragraph from one of my favourite books : Tuesdays with Morrie ~Mitch Albom , it goes:

< So many people with far smaller problems are so self-absorbed, their eyes glaze over if you speak for more than thirty seconds. They already have something else in mind- a friend to call, a fax to send, a lover they're daydreaming about. They only snap back to full attention when you finish talking, at wich point they say "Uh-huh" or "Yeah, really" and fake their way back to the moment.
.... We are great at small talk: " What do you do?" "Where do you live?" But really listening to someone- without trying to sell them something, pick them up, recruit them, or get some kind of status in return- how often do we get this anymore? >

    This is such a great reminder that being a genuine listening ear to people's stories is a lost skill nowadays and that it is important to stop being self-centered from time to time and give full attention to the person sitting across and simply open our ears and minds to new inpirations, open them to the outer world's magic!!

Have A Sweet Dreams Sweeties!!