Randomly Kawtar

 With an emphasis on emotions, mental health, the beauty of nature and the little habits that make a life, RandomlyKawtar captures in words and photographs what it is to live, to grow, to believe and to love.

ABC... R : Relationships.

Let's build something together...

it could be a lego house, a business or just a dream

let's stay late nights, on rooftops, staring at the stars, feeling comfortable in letting silence speak for us, for all the things we won't find a way to spit out

let's stay late nights, remaking the world and saving millions of people in our heads then going to bed unshaken by all the cruality the world outside our walls is holding, 

a cruality we couldn't figure out in a blink of a night … sadly ...but fortunately

hanged questions with unknown answers or maybe the other way around… I'm confused.

Let's get high on intelligent conversations, 

conversations where we taste to each others' differences and instead of tearing apart we wish each other goodnight and sweet dreams unpatient for the next ones

Or you know what, let`s just stay late nights dreaming of charming princes and consciously believe the lie that he`s rushing our way on his heavenly made unicorn, meh

then we'll wake up in the morning and have to handle things alone like big girls and consciously believe the lie that we can do it all on our own -like a boss… they said.

Sometimes , though, I'll have to retire from your company

and stay late nights by myself 

I'll stare at the ceiling and maybe find company in a book …or  a memory

I'll discover myself, love it and take care of it by myself

I'll build things , dreams mostly, and be proud of myself

I'll drink tea and think about me and my bubble of flaws and qualities, dreams and achievements

then try to figure a way out to move forward

...maybe I'll think of your bubble as well

and just right before I become narcissic and right before I miss you,

I'll call you to join 

I'll let you see my buildings and watch you be proud of me and we'll light fireworks and celebrate,

then right when the earth beneath my buildings start shaking and threatning 

and just right before tears fall down my cheeks I'll run to you

I'll run to you and let you see how I really haven't figured it out fully

I'll let you see my weakest point and touch at my vulnerability 

yes, I'll let you see that, not just because I trust you

but because I know that even if you don't get it, you'll listen, you won't judge, you won't reject and you won't moke 


you'll just let me hold your hand and we'll go back to getting high on intelligent conversations about everything we've built independently when we retired in those bubbles of ours,

we may even go beyond the bubbles.

Sometimes, we'll retire again, not out of choice this time:

either life or our differences we'll get ahold of us

it's a hate love kind of thing 

but we'll make it through, like we always do, don`t we?

we'll talk it through ... but not so our ego wins 

we do it so that harmony wins 

so that we find a way to hold the bar from its middle 

and then ... our hands will meet again and…

yup… we'll go back to late nights of building forts and dreams

late nights of crazy games 

late nights where both our love and laughter will grow louder 

late nights of talking to the stars 

and to them I'll confess that my dilemma stops here , that it only took me some real friends, a tender family, an introvert heart and a lot of time spent on my own to realise that loneliness is a miserable state of mind, however solitude is a crucial journey of self-discovery/ respect/ care/ love wich leads to that healthy, strong, authentic and enchanting bond that real relationships are meant to be.


 Briefly, relationships are like acro yoga, each partner needs to work on their own arm strenght, balance and body control and combine all these individually gained abilities with trust and harmony in order to make a succesful, steady yet complicated pose and well… give us a show!!

Have Sweet Human Bonds Sweeties!!