Randomly Kawtar

 With an emphasis on emotions, mental health, the beauty of nature and the little habits that make a life, RandomlyKawtar captures in words and photographs what it is to live, to grow, to believe and to love.

ABC...N: Nowfull pt.3 (The Time Slowers)

     Late night deep conversation. late night reverant prayer. reading paper books. Warm hugs. Taking a nap by the sound of the beach. Fresh flowers.

     The time slowers. They are these warm, little and un-fancy -yet significant moments and life clips that are surprisingly able to bring satisfaction and abundance to whomever chooses them... to whomever decides not to seek for happiness in far, souless and desperate places.

    Sweet genuine letters. Honest relationships. Lighting up candles. Listening to people's stories. Laughing - a lot.  Running in the rain.

   It's not about how many years you survive, but how many life you bring to those years.

   It's not about how much money you make, it's about how you don't let materialistic things make and change your values.

     It's not about how many people you know, it's about how many of them you feel blooming with, how many of them you feel real, unjudged and loved unconditionally with.

    Quality my friend. Quality over quantity.


       Choosing forgiveness over revenge, wandering over wondering , sunshine over midday, giving over taking, loving over hating, tasting over plain swallowing, homes over houses and progress over perfection.

    I already talked here about how everything around us is  rushing in a figure eight, pursuing a billion of things and catching nothing and at the end of the day, we complain about how time passes by like crazy and we haven't even found yet that feeling of satisfaction we were seeking for in all those places we've been.

   Well let me tell you something, is it true that we're not in this life forever and that time do pass by but here's the thing: if you are not smart enough to make the most of whatever you have right now , if you're not smart enough to find beauty in the here and now, then I promise that even if I give you a one way ticket to the place you wanna be -weither it's an emotional, financial or spiritual place- you will get there and still keep rushing to the unknown .

     The reason: you haven't learned when you were down here what it means to work on having a better quality life than a more quantity one , you haven't learned the importance of slowing down when you are the most busy ... simply, you haven't learned to be smart enough to find deep satisfaction in:

  • randomly going to the beach and wet -and almost spoil- the shoes and half your clothes ... with no regrets XD;
  • randomly reading a philosophical book by the beach ;
  • randomly getting the sun in your eyes, throw your head back and smiling at how your eyes are fighting the sun; -instead of wearing sunglasses all the time-
  • standing in a windy place and feeling like a star on a stage as the wind plays with your clothes and flies your hair; -instead of complaining about the bad weather-
  • how different the people around you are and finding inspiration in that difference;
  • sifting, measuring, mixing, stirring even if the final result is not as excpected;
  • having a humble breakfast in nature with loved ones instead of complaining about how you can't afford a big breakfast at a fancy bakery;

     As Mohammed Ali said : "Don't count days, make the days count", and trust me , trust me hard because I've learned this the hard way ; YOU DON'T NEED a fancy car, a big house, a new wardrobe nor a full-to-edges contacts book to make the days count ... ALL you need is a sexy smart brain that will get you to slow down and seek QUALITY, beauty & satisfaction in all situations, even in the most desperate places.

Have A Smart, Good Quality Life Smarties!!