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5 Relatable Self-Reminders From Daily Life!!

    I have this thing for notebooks and lists. The most recent ones are a lovely notebook with

`So What? Nobody`s Perfect . `

written on the cover of it and in wich I started a list of life lessons : whenever I go through a situation that teaches me something i write it down .... and amongst the serious , deep lessons /reminders I wrote , there are some silly , yet important  self-reminders -from daily routine- that I keep on forgetting until i write them down .... seriously writing helps A LOT.

       Anyway, here are some of them:

Self-Reminder #1:

Dear self, when you buy a new shampoo -because the old one is empty- put it right away in the shower. One of life`s biggest disapointments is starting to take your shower and realizing that there`s no shampoo . Thank you.

Self-reminder #2 :

 When you go to someone else`s house and you take your hijab off , please, just please put the hijab pins in a safe place that you will


and from wich they won`t fall and just disappear . Getting out from peoples` houses with a messy , unsecured hijab is embarassing and well... annoying !!

Self-reminder #3:

 I appreciate your enthusiasm for baking , but my dear stop forgetting to get the butter out of the fridge at least one hour before you start baking , you know how mixing becomes waaay easier with soft butter. The struggle is real when the butter is still cold and tough.

Self-reminder #4:

 Before you throw an agressive`NO` to the siblings for everything they ask you to do for them, take a moment and think why are you saying no and if it would be that horrible to spend some time with them: they can be hilariously funny sometimes... especially when you`re bored.

Self-reminder #5:

Do what you gotta do and what you wanna do. Have good intentions . And stop, JUST STOP getting over nervous and killing yourself while thinking about what others will think or say about it . If you ever happen to bother them with what you`re doing , they have a mouth to let you know about it ...if they don`t , then for God`s sake , GO GET A LIFE !!

   Okay , this may be the most stupid post on this blog but ...duh, life!! Anyway , if you can relate to any of the above, please let me know I`m not weirdo and any additions to the list will be welcomed :)

Have A Sweet Life Sweeties !!