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Self-Reminder : Just Do It!!

     It takes 20 seconds to wear snickers , to go for a run . 20s to open your notebook, hold a pencil and start writing. 20s to get off the bed , open the curtains and start the day instead of snoozing the alarm for half an hour. Also 20 seconds to sign up for a free italian course online and commit . 20s to start a serious conversation that you've been holding back for a while now . Yup , same 20s to book a ticket to that place that thrills you but you still haven't been there because of some mundane reasons.

       It seriously takes appromaximately 20 seconds to take the very first step in doing anything ....but not just a plain 20 tic-tocs on your clock , but indeed 20 seconds of

courage. 20 seconds of insane courage . 20 seconds of  embarassing bravery.

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        Just do it . I bet the nike commercial logo is the first thing that may have popped in your mind when you read the title . Right?

        And just like you , I`ve always taken it for granted , when it actually is a great advice and trick to get things done and beat procrastination.

          Think about it.

          I mean , isn`t it better and more thrilling to gather your courage in 20 seconds and just jump straight away in the water instead of torturing yourself with endless inner conversation about the water being too cold or the swimming tiring or again not wanting to take a shower afterwards bla bla bla . JUST.DO. IT . Don`t think about it.

   You already know that swimming feels great to you. That running makes you healthier and clears your mind. That writing more often will get you better skills. That it just feels good to catch up with a friend.

     You`ve already found the good reasons to do things and take up habits , why think about it again everytime you have to do it and risk a lack of motivation or a shot of laziness?!!

  Just Do It.

    I know you might be thinking that this sounds much easier said than done . I agree. It is simple but not easy , hard but yet very effective AND thrilling . Especially for a lazy , fearfull and i-m-good-in-my-comfort-zone person like myself.

    But since I started trying this trick I noticed a big shift in my habits AND a tiny sense of awe started settling in my life. 

   I gradually stopped postponing studying and making the excuse of reading interesting blogs simply by promptly closing non-studying tabs and focusing on that one lesson I need to learn.

     Same thing for running , I would wake up in the morning , realise i haven`t worked out for 2 days, so before my brain figures out what I`m doing -and attempts an argument of how much sleep I need or another lame excuse-I robotically put my socks on , snickers and I`m off to running .... 10 mins later ... ``who`s sleepy again? Let`s add an  extra 10 mins`` .... mm Now we`re done !!

    Have I already mentioned that I was a fearfull person , well so you need to know that it took me some practical activities to gain more courage before applying this just-do-it trick on day-to-day life.  

    Simple activities that helped me get out of my comfort zone and made me realise that some things look way more complicated than they actually are if we just stopped overthinking things and just do them instead, here are some:

Cold showers, Headtsands , Handstands

(with the wall support, though ), flip turn in the swimming pool (I knoow it`s easy , never knew it was `til I decided to just go for itblindly) ...... 

And the list goes on and on . 

    Facing your fears is a great way to master the skill of 20 seconds of courage wich can be used for both zip-lining AND writing the essay you have to submit on Monday . 

    For the last time :

 Next time you know you got to do something or wanna do it:

  • spare yourself the overthinking and stop the inner arguing between laziness and willpower;
  • take your courage in both hands;
  • just jump into it . take the first step blindly;
  • open your eyes for the flow of productivity and energy that will follow that very first step;
  • thank me later ;)

Have A Sweet Summer Sweeties!!