Randomly Kawtar

 With an emphasis on emotions, mental health, the beauty of nature and the little habits that make a life, RandomlyKawtar captures in words and photographs what it is to live, to grow, to believe and to love.

ABC...D: Different.

What am I ?

Amongst seven billion people in the wide world?

7 billion people surving , thriving or dying right at this moment 

7 billion people who are living these exact 24 hours in 7 billion ways I have no idea about 

And all i am doing is wrapping myself into a bubble of mine, a bubble of insecurites and dreams, flaws and qualities 

overthinking my last conversation , anticipating my next weekend

all ignorant of the remaining 7 billion other bubbles.

Just the thought of it blows my mind and causes me flatters in my stomach 

I wonder what witnessing just a part of it would feel like.

Then I picture myself back in the middle of the Dubai international airport 

that goodness of an airport 

the chaos is overwhelming 

but the diversity in exhilairating 

that airport , with all its glory , is some kind of a miniature of the world

people rushing ,  connecting , thinking and feeling

expressing who they are , where they came from and where they`re heading in so many different ways

the lack of comformity pleases me 

I like different, 

different is good

3 cute asian girls who look like they just stepped out of an anime are taking a selfie 

a group of dancers wearing the same uniform are teasing each other while walking God knows where

a muslim family are having a meal at Burgers King

an asian couple having breakfa- wait oh God the man just split the green apple in half with his hands only and shared it with the lady next to him :cutnessload:

And I , I walk and stare , forgetting about the shopping as my joyfull brain is scanning all this beauty,

our eyes meet sometimes but the looks we share are blank & empty ,

`ohnever mind just another human i`ll never meet again, when is my flight again?` i can hear their minds.

And all my mind is shouting : `hello world , i have a loud mine up here too, and you don`t seem to give a damn about how much I worry about little things … and just like you, i have scars from the past and dreams for the future but here I am now , right here , admiring that thing that is diversity , thanking God we don`t all look the same , think the same nor act the same.` 

Nope , nobody`s listening , I continue nontheless .

``We are all in this together,  you know , in this maze that is life ,

and each one of us , the 7 billion us , is surviving it in diffferent ways according to everything that made them who they are from the day they were born ,

and there`s no right or wrong way to do it as long as you`re being yourself and not trying to fit in ,

for the sake of diversity and authenticity, for the sake of humanity and uniqueness ,

and in order to decrease the fakness and the comformity,

be you without being afraid of being judged or rejected ,

as long as as it is authentic and harmless , dare to be different , it`s beautiful. bye.``


just another brick on the colourful wall of humanity.

Have A Sweet Life Sweeties!!