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Self-Reminder: Do it for the good reason.


      As I already told you , I quit fangirling .

     It has been such a long road before I seriously get conviced that my attention should no longer be sucked up with what X has recently bought or where Y has spent their holidays and with who or again waiting all day to be the first one to like Z's most recent tweet!!!

    I always considered fangirling as a waste of time , energy and attention and that I should rather spend those on MY life and on the real people around me who know I exist, but I failed again and again.

  First, I tried keeping myself from using the internet this January in order to live a little... and I admit it has been the best month so far in 2015.

  But yes you guessed it , on February 1st I opened my laptop and caught up with all the events Selena went to in January , watched all the videos Alfie uploaded and got super excited over Zoella's new haircut.

  After realizing that fangirling was still there , I got really disappointed with myself and considered myself a failure.

   But now I get it : I am not a failure I simply wasn't conviced enough to quit fangirling , the reason of wasted time and attention was not enough for me .

  Here's what happened : I read that book called Samarkand (by Amine Maalouf) wich first part tells the story of Omar Al-Khayyam,a Persian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and poet who also wrote treatises on mechanics, geography, mineralogy, music, and Islamic theology....briefly, a guy who took smartness, sensibility, sweet talking and wisdom to the next level. I also read a couple of Maya Angelou's poems  and the autobiography of Malalai Joya.

  And that's when it stroke me , I was like :

"what on earth am I doing in life?!! Have I seriously been fangirling and prioritizing people`s life over mine instead of doing something important with mine?!!

   That's when I stopped asking why is fangirling bad and instead asked myself why is it good? what does fangirling add to my life ? how does it benefit me?

Source: Mountainsdeftiness

  It is the answer to this question that got me to stop for good because well fangirling didn't benefit me much.... to not say nothing.

  This time, I conviced myself, not just persuaded it with the pretext of time and attention , I found a good reason: fangirling over those people will simply not get me where I want to be , they simply don't have the required criteria of a person to look forward to. They`re not bad people, they`re just not what I need.

   I really hope you got the point here.

      Self-Reminder: do it for the good reason and you won't have to be pushed to do it. Forcing yourself to do something you're not conviced with is a waste of time. Finding the good reason will give you the required motivation to do whatever you want or have to do and you`ll do it well.

   You wanna live a healthy lifestyle don't do it just because you want to loose weight will do it until you loose that weight then you'll give up and maybe gain all that weight back... So you'd better do it for all the happiness, wellbeing and beauty living healthy will give you .

  You wanna start praying correctly don't do it just because you fear going to hell , you'll probably give up once the fear fades away ... the good reasons:

 -your soul needs to be fed with spirituality ,

- you love your Creator so you want to please Him ( so first work on knowing and loving Him).

  You wanna learn a new skill, don`t do it because everybody is learning it or is good at it, you may learn it actually but it won`t be as good and as lasting as if you do it because you want to and because you love and feel passionate about that skill.

    Whenever you want or have to do something and you fail at it , seek for long-lasting, convictional motivations instead of ephemerial persuasive ones.

Have A Sweet Life Sweeties!!