Randomly Kawtar

 With an emphasis on emotions, mental health, the beauty of nature and the little habits that make a life, RandomlyKawtar captures in words and photographs what it is to live, to grow, to believe and to love.

ABC...M: Memories.

It just takes a scent smelled in the street,

A melody heard in the taxi cab,

A photograph found in a schoolbook while moving in,

A person randomly met at the grocery shop,

To trigger a flow of images, sounds & emotions that represent a MEMORY

A memory inked in the mind & anchored in the heart.

It trigers a flow that evokes, by its turn, a full-hearted smile, a sour teardrop.... or both.

Memories, my friends, are the proof that we didn't miss our part of life ,

They're the proof that we once existed ,

We once witnessed a moment of strong emotions,

No matter weither meloncholic or symphonic,

                              influencial or anondyne,

Memories should be considered a blessing.

As the bright memories are the mark that you once loved some people and built something with them in a beautiful moment.

And that should be enough.

You should not want to live it again.

Nor should you want to forget about it so much missing it becomes intense and painful.

Because the beauty , the love , the intimacy and the spark that helped in building that moment are unique and belong to THAT particular moment .

So trying to find them or recreate them again will be a waste of time.

And comparing them to other forms of joy & beauty will be a waste of life. Trust me.

Don't you ever do that.

Celebrate the uniqueness of every instant.

That moment has already been translated into a feeling, into a memory then into a solid brick in the building of who we are .

And that should be enough for you.

You should be satisfied and grateful for what that moment gave you (and is still giving you).

No matter what you or those people have done with your lifes after that moment.

Wanting to live it again (or wanting to forget about it) will screw everything up.

It's the same thing for the unbright ones you know, the unbright memories (to not say bad) .

Just in a more melancholic way ,

Instead of being the mark that we lived ,

they're the mark that we ...


They're some kind of...

....some kind of certificate that we attended life lessons ,

that we passed life exams with the required strenght,

and that we gained more life experience.

So those are not to be escaped from (neither).

You can cry them out , complain about them,

but never escape them as they're part of the building too , part of you.

Memories are like a poem 

"Nostalgic at the beginning 

Meloncholic at the end

and classy all along."

So make sure to take this attitude toward them,

Embrace them, feel them , keep them in your heart , burry them in your soul as treasures not as trash

Do it for the sake of the warmth of a human emotion, for the sake of nostalgia, for the sake of history.

Then move on ,

Move on to the NOW , be present , be full and look forward to tomorrows' surprises with the enthusiasm , strenght and energy that memories offer you.

            love, a nostalgic soul.

P.S. : Thank You For The Memories <3

Have a Sweet Life Sweeties !!