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 With an emphasis on emotions, mental health, the beauty of nature and the little habits that make a life, RandomlyKawtar captures in words and photographs what it is to live, to grow, to believe and to love.

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What is love? ( a 5 a.m. debate)

You look better with your brains on!

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Trust (a poem)

Tighten your blindfold and feed you
words of wisdom
and crumbs of affection
without dreading I crumble

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What Does It Take To Connect Deeper (or how do you feel?)

Be so humble and so chill that they stop blushing in your presence, that their shoulders relax and they let you in the behind the scenes of their successes and failures.

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#SHE : a 2 a.m. note on loneliness.

And when light turned to dark and silence weighed on her shoulder, she unfolded her canvas, sat crossed legged, dumped her brush in clean water and fresh paint and painted.

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Soul Print (OR some people are never really gone).

 I was on a train. Safe and sound.

With Submarine on repeat, I read books, drunk tea, let my mind wander, tried and failed to get the hang of poetry and ended up writing letters and short stories.

Safe and sound, slow and sure.

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Are We On The Same Vibe?

It`s appealing this vision I have.
 That of being on the same vibe as someone.
  That of easily transitioning from long walks at the beach while . . .

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How to have a conversation with me, an introvert!!

-Hello there. -Hi

- How are you doing?

- I`m doing alright too, thanks for asking x) How you`ve been?

- Marvellous thanks, so how is life?

Now, this last question kind of makes me...

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Today I miss a stranger...

WARNING AND SPOILER ALERT: what you`re about to read contains a terrific controversy as its writer is a walking controversy herself. 

 It`s raining today and I miss a stranger.

     A person I met at a book shop with whom I conversed a couple of words while looking for a book. That was a year ago. 

 I`m feeling nostalgic to the conversation we may have had...

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Nullness, Closure OR Ever-growing Thrive.

   I dread the coldness after the heat.

   Are we there yet? Are we in the clear yet? I mean -again?  Shall we call it off for good? Shall I pile up what we had to the stack of excperiences that make me think twice and thrice before excperiencing and committing at all?

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