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Ramadan 2018 Preparation (Planner & Room)
The Purpose of life #1: Introduction.
A rejuvenating at home spa day ^.^

and God is it my favourite day of the week, I feel much fresher, cleaner and rejuvenated after an entire day of self-care and LESS SCREENS!! so here's what I do! 

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My Favorite Duas.
Rekindling our bond with the Quran

the Quran serves its purpose in every heart that reads and reflected upon it with an open mind and a thirst for the Truth wherever it might be. 

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A Ramadan Daily Planner & Eating Guidelines.
Ramadane 2017 On RandomlyKawtar.

Basically, you’ll get 3 articles a week, meaning 12 articles throughout the month inchaAllah

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When The Heart Worships....

As muslims we tend to focus more on the physical worships that we are supposed to perform, since young ages they teach us to pray, to fast, to not drink alcohol ... 

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Benefits Of Fasting on Mind, Body & Soul