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The Essence of a Career.
How to align your productivity with your vision of life.

What’s the thing you wish people would focus on more to solve their problems and alleviate their pain?

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3 Signs You're a lifelong Learner.

When something piques your curiosity you don’t cushion it down thinking that it’s too dangerous a road

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Lets_Ace_IT: `Them Naughty Notes (THE REHEARSALS)

      There are a lot of things that control and predict how and for how long a memory is going to be stored in your long term memory, and we cannot control all of them, but we have to sit for exams, so we`d better focus on the part of the storing and encoding process that we can actually control.

      Let`s see it like this, when you learn something new, the information travels between your neurons through some kind of canal, it metaphorically drives on a highway:  when you  first try to remember that new information, it may get a little trouble driving through that highway without getting a bit lost.

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Let`s_Ace_It: Them Naughty Notes (THE MAKING)
Let`s_Ace_It: The Art Of Focusing.
Let`s_ace_it: Show Up Regulary And Decisively.

Do you know the one thing - that is not talent-  that makes the difference between a first class pro athlete and the rest of the team?

   It`s called 


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Let's Ace It: Intro+ Pick A Spot... Or Five