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 With an emphasis on emotions, mental health, the beauty of nature and the little habits that make a life, RandomlyKawtar captures in words and photographs what it is to live, to grow, to believe and to love.

Posts tagged deep conversations
The year I was doomed to Depression.
An -imaginary- Catching Up Conversation
The Nightmare of Being Forty.

You’re not a failure because I know it’s still in you — that light.

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Recollecting Myself | a guide.

I’ll count my blessings and the fingers of my body won’t be enough to do so

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Do you ever think about your mother’s name? What she is when she’s not your mother?

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How to (heathily) Change Your Vision of the World Around You.

Two things can change how you see the world around you: love and knowledge.

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On the Insanity that has been Taking Over the World Lately.

your beliefs and mine collide in a place where the human life is more expensive than we are brought to witness nowadays,

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The song of endless affection...

The kind of forever that is no longer a reckless wish of teenagehood but a tenacious commitment . . .

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Tuesday's 100s :First Edition.

 I annouced here that I have started daily blogging on Medium...

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Trust (a poem)

Tighten your blindfold and feed you
words of wisdom
and crumbs of affection
without dreading I crumble

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A little confession & answering your questions.

In the past month, I somehow have lost connection with what I write. Not writing altogether ....

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Letter To July. (Favourites)

In you, I harvested the fruit of June's thinking processes and challenging ideas so what you offered me...

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