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My Energizing Morning Routine.


A few months ago, the way I spend my morning used to dictate how I would spend the rest of the day, so if one day I wake up late, I would feel terrible and consider it a wasted day because things didn’t go as planned.

       I wasted a lot by doing that, mostly emotional energy, but now I have learned that a bad morning doesn’t necessarily have to lead to a bad day and that I have the choice to recenter myself after a messy morning so that my afternoon and evening don’t go to waste just because I woke up on the wrong foot.


     So below is a list of things that unable to me to refocus and set my day straight, whether I woke up late or early, with a bad or good mood, I try to do as many of these things as my time and energy allow.

And because I enjoy doing all of these, it also serves as a motive to wake up a bit earlier than usual so that I get enough time to do them all.


   In the worst days, doing only one serves as an anchor that announces to my mind that it is the morning and it is a new day and a new chance to start over and give life another chance.


  •  Yoga/workout.  (5 to 45 min)


Yoga mat from Adidas : Camo Yoga Mat

That yoga schedule is Yoga with Adriene's January Yoga Challenge

       This is something that my body begs me to do as soon as I wake up, it literally just wants to stretch and get moving because my mind knows that if I move from bed to chair, I will soon start to feel asleep again.

      But moving and listening to my body allows it to draw a line between sleeping time and working time as it gets the blood flowing and gives my brain the needed time to recover from dreams and wake up peacefully as my body is busy doing the moves.

I created here a morning yoga playlist you can feel free to use!

 Beauty moment  (5 min)


Body Butter panier des sens

The Body Shop Deodorants

I recently tied this habit to doing yoga (either before or after it) because Adriene looks so fresh and clean when I play her videos and I usually look like a hot mess in the morning and I didn’t quite like the contrast lol.

     So I started brushing my hair, tie it up in a ponytail and applying moisturizer on my sleepy face. This serves both as a daily refreshing little self-care touch and it also makes me respect myself a little more and set myself up for greatness …. if that makes sense.

 Morning Adhkar (5 min)


Fancy Flock Coaster OhhDeer

This has always been something I wanted to make a part of my life just because I wanted to be a better Muslim and stuff, but again while walking through some dark alleys of life, it actually became urgent for me to recite my Adhkar so much my faith was shaken and so much I needed to feel God’s presence.   

     And for the first time, I really read them with a present mind not just mindless reading and I discovered how they are stacked with affirmations, positive truths, gratitude expressions and reminders that enabled me to refocus on what really matters, it was surprising and enchanting at the same time and since then, I tried harder to make them an essential part of my day.

I use the app Muslim pro to do my Adhkar, it’s clean and practical and has English translations

Make the bed and clean room. (10 min)

white signature.jpg

Zara Home Feather Cushion

Thankfully, this has become a no-brainer for me because I literally can’t find myself and my calm before I put some order in my room and my brain doesn’t work properly in a messy environment.

Many times, I would wake up late and decide that I don’t have time for cleaning up and guess what, my mind just fails to focus and feel motivated to do anything. Not until I put everything on pause, put some order and regain my sit on the desk again. phew!

  •  Breakfast (15 min)

Yup, I’m a breakfast gurl! It’s my favorite meal and I can’t function before eating something and just not anything… I take breakfast very seriously!

My go-to breakfasts post is coming soon ;) 





This too is a new addition to my morning routine because duuuuude! I just discovered how magical coffee is and how it can turn me into the hard worker I never was! WHERE WAS I?!

But now it became the last piece of my morning routine and the first building stone of my day. I usually drink it while planning for the day or journaling or looking out the window or scrolling through Pinterest or… okay, I’m done!

. . .

           So there you have it, my energising morning routine that I built in times when my energy was sucked away and I was desperately looking for ways to nurture it and that’s what worked for me and they’re all activities I look forward to every night because they never fail to put me back together, help me focus and give me the boost of energy to… do things you know like writing this blog post and stuff … even if I rarely do all of them on the same day … sometimes just one is enough!



P.S.: Check out this AWESOME website if you need inspiration for your morning routine from great people from all walks of life.


Let me know, what does YOUR morning routine look like?! 

And what's the ONE essential part of your morning routine that you can't start the day without having done it? 

Inspire me!