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A rejuvenating at home spa day ^.^

I live online you know, everything I do I do it on screens so I have so little time for offline activities especially taking care of my body. So I decided that once a week, I will block off an entire day and offer it to my body, my skin and my eyes! and God is it my favourite day of the week, I feel much fresher, cleaner and rejuvenated after an entire day of self-care and LESS SCREENS!! so here's what I do! 

Nothing too crazy I'm pretty minimalistic (aka lazy).


Apply coconut oil

on hair and body.


(go for a run, some cardio or kickboxing

Take a big old steamy hammam with the dry brushing, body exfoliating and all! 

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Here's the playlist that I use and adore (it's in French but I don't think you need to understand what they're saying and just follow what they do ..) 

My favourite is the Face massage because oh my oh my it's a total game changer in the skin care industry TRUST ME! the face looks instantly better, it looks healthy and the blood is evenly distributed.... just amazing! 

Give your nails, ears and belly button some care *.* 

IMG_6701 (1).jpg

Take some offscreen time. 

either go for a walk, cook something, read physical books or plan and reflect which is my favourite thing to do off screens and offline ... the ideas that come of it are always pleasing ^.^

Take care xoxo