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Ramadane 2017 On RandomlyKawtar.

       For the past 2 years, I made it a ritual to daily blog during Ramadan …. but being the ritual breaker that I am, there will be no daily blogging this year! soz

HOWEVER, it’ll be a heavy schedule on RandomlyKawtar and you will hear a lot from me.EVERYWHERE. so brace yourselves 😃 

Basically, you’ll get 3 articles a week, meaning 12 articles throughout the month inchaAllah: 

  • 4 of them are religion related (and this year’s theme is The Right Path); 
  • 4 are lifestyle related ( and it can also be religion related but in a very practical way);
  • 4 FoooooooooD yay! 

          Now, I have planned what all of them will be except the recipes section so help me OUT! suggest me recipes you’d like to see.


You could also suggest me articles you’d like me to put up for you and I could squeeze them up and add them to the 12 articles I have planned. Yup, I could do that for you! 

Also,  I’ll be answering any questions I receive from you throughout the forms I will put at the end of each article so feel free to ask me about anything or give me a feedback on an article or just say hi, it’ll make me happy 😀 

Sooo yeah that’s all folks, hope you are ready for this and let’s make it the most interactive month yet, shall we? Comment on posts, tell me when you agree, when you don’t agree etc etc… 

Here's a little informative and inspiring vid to get you started on the right track this month: 

Welcome Ramadan. 

Have a detoxing Ramadan folks!