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March Favourites (yup, back at it)

  And I'm back at reporting how good of a consumer I was during each month yay!


  1. 67 Rules for All Writers to Live By ~ Todd Brison;

  2. Why Learning Is A New Procrastination ~ MAX LUKOMINSKYI;

  3. EVERY ARTICLE BY SNIPPET (please read the first story and I dare you to not end up reading all of it). A.R.T.

  4. Six Dots: The Remarkable Life and Legacy of Child Inventor Louis Braille, Illustrated ~ Brainpickings.


  1.  HOW TO PRACTICE SELF LOVE- languages of love ~STEPH YU.
  2. This Is The Part That You Don't See | 168 Hours   ~ Lucy Moon. 
  3. I am depressed today ~Dodie Clark.
  4. DO WHAT YOU CAN'T ~Casey Neistat.
  5. The Best Day Ever in Venice Beach California!! ~RayaWasHere.
  6. How I Changed My Life! ~RayaWasHere.


  1. Lion (I'd give this a 7 out of 10); 
  2. Allied (and this would be a 9).

Books Reviews:

  1. Sense of Style: The thinking person's guide to writing in the 21st Century. ~Steven Pinker.
    If I could describe this book in one word it'll be : RICH. It's very well structured, full of enriching information and rules of writing good prose. The author used the method of studying examples of prose and giving us the mistakes and flaws in it. This book is not for leisure, it's for studying how to write better, more coherent and concise prose.
  2. التفسير السياسي للدين ~ وحيد الدين خان + التفسير السياسي للاسلام ~ الندوي  Introduction and annotation by
    Adb al-Haqq Turkmani.

    So this one is basically made of 2 main parts: One is written by the main author of the book where he displays the true Islamic
    Aquidah (belief) in a very beautiful and organised way as he answers the big questions of what is our main purpose etc... Then the second part of the book is actually 2 other books of Wahid Deen Khan & Nadwi where they criticise Al-Mawdoudi for his wrong explanation of the purpose of Islam and Shari'a Laws etc. To be honest I found this second part not very interesting and quite messy. But it was worth the read however especially for the way Aquidah is explained. 



L'Occitane en Provence cream Tubes *.* 


I am just obssessed with this brand! The smells, the quality, the designs, the cuteness, I just love it all and my hands and feet no longer feel thirsty and dry as I apply these up to 3 times a day! 

It has:
Rose petals,
Green Tea.

So yeah you can imagine how gooood it smells and how relaxing it is!!  I bought it in the "baby tea" bottle which costs 40 Dhs. 

Udemy Courses ^.^

Another thing I've been binging on is the selection of courses on Udemy, as you know, I'm learning to code and their courses have been of great help! Well organised and clear, you can't get lost nor misguided.

And from April 5th 'til April 12th, there's a discount exclusively to whoever uses this Discount code below, so click the link , use the code and GET LEARNIIING with $10 only on all courses! 

         LAST but not least, tell me if you'd like me to also report my habits and productivity during the month and my goals for the next month in these monthly favorites article! 

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Happy Consuming Folks!!