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20 Things I'd tell my Teenage Self.

1.  Don't worry about your career at the moment. Instead, work on your skill set, learn as much, as deep and as diversified as you can. It will lead you to nice places. Learn Italian, coding, embroidery, videography, History etc... don't waste time fangirling and gossiping! There's much more pleasure in learning than anything else. 

2. You're not ugly, you just need to shave your mustache.

3. Beware of who you take as a role model and as an ideal of what life and relationships are supposed to be like. (don't watch Turkish and Mexican dramas to start with!)

4. Don't try to reduce your multiple passions to one, instead combine all of them to create original and beautiful things.

5. When your parents tell you to do something they don't do, it's not because they're hypocrites, it's because they wanna see you do better.

6. Write that short story in Wattpad, don't wait to get better at writing or to get a better idea, because guess what? you'll grow up and such writing won't interest you anymore....but it would still have been a rich experience where you would've learned and tasted to what it's like to write a book in your teenage.

7. Don't think about the perfect friends, the charming prince or the ideal parents, rather spend time working on upgrading to better versions of yourself, that way you'll be a better friend and daughter but also you will raise the standards of the people you let around you. And that's how you'll end up with people who bring the best in you with respect not just people who bring the worst in you and try to convice you that it's the good in you.

8. Keep on being nice and wanting to serve people and sacrifice for them..don't let anyone convince you that that's low-key and uncool.

9. Math...the only way to slay that is to prepare lessons on your own before you do it in class and work as many exercises as you can no matter how similar they get...that way you'll taste the pleasure of math and your logical processes will thank you later!

10. Take care of your eyes and your teeth and your whole body, don't take your health for granted. seriously the worst thing that could happen to you is losing something you used to take for granted! NOTHING worthwhile will demand you to sacrifice your health for it (nor people nor occupations).

11.  Start a skin care routine as soon as you get your period! Start simple: never go to bed without cleaning and moisturising. Exfoliate twice a week and a honey and baking soda mask once a week will do wonders to that harsh skin.

12. Parents...don't blame them a lot, they're treating you better than how their parents did them and that alone demands a lot of effort, acknowledge that and be gentle.

13. You're not gonna get married at 18 and you did good to refuse that! Marriage is the berry on the cake, you had no ingredient at 18 to begin the cake with!

14. Start a blog! start a blog! start a blog! and let it be the last thing you think about at night...not some inexistent charming prince.

15. You're not a plus, you're not useless...nothing will be the same without you and your existence inspires those around you! To be honest, there aren't strong arguments to convince you of this, but trust me you're not a plus and good things depend on you and you're not a troublemaker you're a balance keeper 😉

16.  I love how you nurture those little interests of yours and give yourself passionately to them and care about them with all your heart although you move on to a different interest in 3 months. It's okay even if your parents and friends complain about your easily changing mind! live with passion and fire in your belly;

17. When you want something, ASK for it. Don't sit back like a victim and wait for people to make the first move and read your mind and do what you want them to it's not that obvious that you want what you want!! Ask and debate;

18. You will get shocked when you discover that your parents are not as put together, wise, responsible as you always thought they were... it's okay, they've done their best, don't try to change them now, don't even criticise their way of living...just love with your mother's hair, listen to your father's long tirades...just love, resist the urge to make them behave differently.

19. Understand how your body works, especially as a girl, learn about hormones and mood changes and all that hot mess...that way you won't spend your time beating yourself up about how unstable your energy levels are and instead you'll learn how to work accordingly!

20. I love how forgiving you are and how you don't easily get mad at people, keep that up!

It's enough to be young and in love with the beauty around you!