"Your Voice is your Power"


I want to ride the bike to the peer
and feel the air forcing its way to my lungs
the wind making my mouth dry as I smile to this foreign feeling…. of mimicked liberation
I want to try my first pumpkin latte while taking a walk in the forest
on the early morning of a gently cold November day
and walk until I feel the hot blood pumping through my legs

I want to drive the car past the ocean
open the window wide and take a wider inhale
as the smell of the ocean hugs my ribs. 
I want to be in movement while catching the feelings each moment offers me

I’ve been a prisoner of my own self for a while now
the words that I’ve kept myself from voicing out
have now become ghosts haunting my heart
day and night
stripping it of power,
the power to heal its wounds
the power to believe in its own worthiness,
the power to beat to the rhythms of joy
and the power to be alive …


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