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The Learning Beehive: Launch.

As you may (or may not) know, I have spent the month of January off social media for the purposes mentioned here and now I'm back relaxed as ever.

I can't say that this break was a big fat factory of creativity, it was rather a detox from the hustling I emerged myself in during 2016. 

One thing I realised during this month is my loss of excitement in what I do although I'm still interested in it...then I figured that the way out of this was change...CHANGE IN PURSUIT OF JOY! 

So I brainstormed a couple of projects and ideas I could start in order to ignite back the flame of passion and I came up with a couple...some of which I already started to work on..others are still waiting in the queue.

But alongside considering my creative abundance I have also set the intention to make this year a year of learning more than anything else.

So from my attempts to merge creativity with my learning priorities came out THE LEARNING BEEHIVE! A community where life-long learners come together to help each other be better learners and gain knowledge more efficiently and deeper. 

A place where I will both be able to write for and engage with the audience I built last year and at the same time a place that will help and motivate me to learn the 3 skills/sciences I wanna get really good at which are: writing, Quran studies and coding! 

So basically THE LEARNING BEEHIVE is a closed facebook group where lifelong learners strive keep each other up during the journey of gaining in-depth knowledge about their industry of choice.
From scientific research about the best learning techniques to discussions around the struggles of everyday life, we aim to master the process of going from newbies to pros in any field we put our minds to.
Bees inspire lifelong learners in many ways but mainly through 3 aspects:
-discipline & persistence;
-consistent results!
And those are exactly the three muscles that The Learning Beehive helps you strenghten.
So join us in this journey of implementing the lifelong learning mindset in our daily lives and also of being better and smarter learners!!

Dear Beehive members, let's set those neurones on fire!!

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