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30 First Days of Daily Blogging On Medium. (a lessons learned kind of thing)

30 days in and I’m feeling unstoppable.

I started seeing how showing up will shower you up with opportunities and clarity in life.

I see more potential in myself and I am now more confident to embark in other writing projects.

Plus, I no longer feel guilty to say that I’m a writer because oh boy now I write.

Be so consistent they can’t ignore you.

I went from 19 followers to 57 in a month and my stats are looking up.

This makes you more responsible to write worthy-of-time pieces and stop writing just to get done with it already.

However, if you’re willing to start writing just to start seeing your stats looking up, then you’d better not start writing altogether because they can be very depressing.

PLUS, they’re not a measure of how good a writer you are, they’re more a reflection of consistency.

And consistency increases the probability of people “stumbling upon” your account more.

My currently most recommended article is one I wrote months ago -without publishing- and just recently found by chance while cleaning up my files.

It’s only that popular because it’s crazy relatable and comforting for introverts. And it’s clear and simple.

Don’t make a big deal out of numbers, write with purpose, with quality, with a mindset of improvement and life long learning.

Because I committed to only 100 words a day, I learned to focus on the main idea and cut off the fluff and that’s how I started finding purpose in writing.

Write, publish, submit to publications and move on to better things.

Don’t dwell on whether they’ll accept or reject you, nor how many people will recommend your story.

(however it’s not bad to feel happy if they do accept you or recommend your story, but that’s just a bonus of writing’s main advantages)

Move on already, up already. Practice deeper, express clearer and bleed cleaner.

The rest will take care of itself.

30 days in and I’m feeling unstoppable.

Rise Brighter Sunshines ^^

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