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Letter To August (Favourites)

Dear August, 

you went by so swiftly I still haven't caught my breath from the bumpy ride you took me on.

Funnily enough you reminded me of my childhood which was a lollipop of sweet and sour at the same time. From flying of pure joy to riding the edge of a knife without any preparation for the transition. 

In you, I started defining myself more, especially as a writer and a creative.

  • I understood how consistency is the key to gain the required confidence to work greater projects (be so consistent they can't ignore you);
  • You took off of me the fear of meeting and needing new people and instead showed me that looking for them is part of the successful run (You don't have to run alone);
  • you taught me that the greatest of gains are indeed for the patient;
  • and that preparing for the goodbye does't make it any less painful.

Anyway, now to the shallow parts of life or rather the little sprinkles of joy that make the rustiest of tables look more hopeful and and less heavy.

I asked my father to bring me peanut butter( that i have for breakfast every single day) and with it he brought me another kind of butter that I FELL IN LOVE WITH you have NO idea.

It's called Peculoos spread and I ate half of it with a spoon the first day and  I finished the other half with my siblings during our breakfast.

So yeah by the third day, it was GONE. 

Fitness wise, I am now addicted to evening yoga, right after the sun sets and as the world starts calming down. 

I spread out my mat and get on a rollercoaster of inhaling and exhaling.

Two channels I've been absolutely loving are Boho Beautiful and Yoga with Adriene.

Their voices are so calming, they don't repeat moves as often as others do, they're very uplifting and relaxing. So make sure to check them out!

Now to articles and videos I enjoyed consuming:







And that's all I've got for this month. Tell me what did August 2016 teach you? and what goodies did you discover? 


AND what other rubriques would you like me to add to the monthly favourites? ;)

Grow Gracefully Daisies!