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Letter To September 2016.

I never could go to primary school with a summer dress on late Septembers, by this time my mother and I have already got the winter clothes out.

My sister still wears T-shirts and short dresses without bringing a jacket with her to school ON SEPTEMBER 29th. 


So I'm writing you this letter on a hot day although I'm too busy now to spend it by the beach.

Life around me has finally settled from the chaotic summer and we went back to our run with productivity and routines.

Two weeks ago we went on a one-week getaway to the beach and oh boy did I underestimate it.

I came back fresh, determined and energized as ever.

Here are some self-reminders that trip and you dear September taught me to keep in mind:

The consumer in me liked:

- The Body Shop 3in1 Wash. Scrub. Mask.


I already talked about this when I first bought it and now I can't stop falling in love.

During that one week trip, it's the only thing I brought with me skincare wise and I used it every night as a cleanser. By the end of the week, I fell in love with my skin, my blemishes diminished, my skin was clean and radiant and it didn't dry it out as I expected it to.

TOTALLY recommend it.

- The Avon luck perfume.

So I went to my aunt's house about a month ago and when I entered her room I loooved the smell of it and asked her what it was and she showed me this Luck bottle.

And by love I mean it melted my heart. Good smells do that to me. I roll my eyes and inhale a good bunch of air. Infatuated.

One month later I go back to my aunt's house and I compliment the smell she's wearing and again and she's like: - oh that's the one you loved the other time, you can have it, I didn't know you liked it this much darling.

I argue with some No it's okay bla bla but she insisted and I took it and I'm soo happy with it. I.n.f.a.t.u.a.t.e.d. to p.i.e.c.e.s.

- Digestive Biscuits. 

I don't really have a story for this one, I just crave snacking 3 hours after having lunch and I decided to go for something healthier than my regular chocolate bars or extra sugary biscuits.

I got Digestive and I'm hooked. Hands down my favorite biscuits in the market. 

The Artist in me liked:

To read: 


That's all folks, hope you had a great September.

Tell me one thing you're looking forward to before the year ends?? (it would be my birthday for me :p ) 

P.S.: I also updated the Who page on this website so make sure to check it out ;) 

Grow Gracefully Daisies *.*